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World Editor Doesn't Save

Save File button

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Posted 10 November 2018 - 01:43 PM

So the only way I can know with confidence that my room is going to be saved after clicking the save to file button is if I immediately go to my room after saving every single time. Because more ofter than not the game crashes and freezes and more often then not the save to file button does absolutely nothing. It's painfully ridiculous and extremely frustrating how many times I've put in a LOT of effort when building my world, hit save, logged off (or crashed) and logged back in to see that recent changes to my room were NOT saved, and to try to load up the saved file of my room that's stored in a folder on my desktop, (I keep multiple now) only to find out that none of the recent changes were saved to THAT either. PLEASE if at all possible can you fix the save file button, it really should be absolute. And if possible you shouldn't have to load into your world for it to save to the game it should update automatically (at least if you're connected to the servers (we are using the internet) but please at least fix the save button I've spent far too long building this room largely due to the fact that (and even with all the defence mechanisms I've figured out over time to prevent it) saving is faulty as hell. I'm getting very tired of having to go back and redo hours of hard work, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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Posted 12 November 2018 - 10:17 PM

Hey R.I.P. Just to explain how it works, while you are building and doing stuff it only exists on your computer and not the server. All the changes you are making are only located locally on your drive within the game files for the duration of that building session but will not be saved unless you do one of two things. The way the world editor works is it will only save the existing build to the server (so no matter who goes in they will see it and it becomes your default build in the game) when you exit the room and go into another room or back into your own room this is the way it was designed. So under normal circumstances, when you are done building you have to re-enter your room by clicking your tile in the locations menu and going back in under normal mode, or else just exit by clicking another room or location. But you have to go somewhere else in normal mode to save it to the server automatically. It is the leaving of your room while still staying in the game which saves it to the game server. If you log-out or close the game while still in building mode, all your work is just sitting on your drive and will be wiped when the game closes or reconnects and not saved to the server so the next time you go in you will see the previous version of your room without the updates. The other way to save your room is the 'save to file' in the menu, but this also does not save to the game server, it only opens a dialogue box which allows you to save the current total build as a file in a location of your choice on your drive with a name you choose, but yea, it only saves to your drive not the server. Sometimes the game disconnects on you (red box) while you are in building mode, and it is extremely important if you want to save your work, to 'save to file' from the menu before reconnecting because as you reconnect it will reload the old/previous version again from the server. If this happens, you then go back into editor mode and 'load from file' and use the file you just saved to bring you back to where you left off when the disconnect happened. But you still need to save it to the server at some stage. So to repeat, unless you leave building mode by going into normal mode (either back into your own room which is what I do or you can go anywhere else) it will not save to the server and is only sitting as a temporary file. 'Save to file' is useful when you are doing multiple things and want to return to a certain build or merge more than one file, share the build or swap between builds, but to save to the game server you have to re-enter somewhere before leaving the game, logging-out or reconnecting. Hope that helps.

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