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The Sexploits of V & B in our 3DX Chat World.

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#1 Vaughan_Rarius


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Posted 22 August 2018 - 06:23 PM

The Sexploits of  V & B in our 3DX Chat World.

Our Stories, our sexploits. our sexplorations & our fantasies. I hope you enjoy as we do.




Welcome to our World.



I awoke from a delicious slumber and stretched slowly out in my bed and then got up to shower and make a coffee.

I was lucky in this 3DXChat world I had settled in. I had my choice of houses and hangouts to live in, a selection of good friends to banter with and morning coffee at a friendly DJ’s place was always a great way to start the day.


I showered and then supped my coffee lazily as I surveyed my land, bare chested, bare foot and in my grey joggers that hung on my hips.


Today I was looking out over my Beach HangOut. A beautiful home of sun blessed islands. Yachts, a cave, a pool and a couple of dance floors


Maybe tomorrow I would use my Oasis HangOut or maybe my Temple of Lust or my White Spanish Villa – an old favourite.


I wasn’t a DJ in this social media land but my radio could blast out some good tunes and I wasn’t a bad host, greeting old and new friends and making sure the drinks came thick and fast, from teas and coffees to beers and house wines when I occasionally opened up a HangOut location to the public.


I had the good fortune of living in an area where my DJ friends would open up house regularly and as long as they were stocked up, everyone was welcome. Good music, good chatter and a good strong, high octane coffee. Most tastes were catered for.


My mobile buzzed and I checked it smiling.

It was BW to let me know she had arrived at our usual coffee house. She was my main girl – Sexy, clever and fun to be with and although not into the BDSM kink outright, she was sexually adventurous and had submissive tendencies. We enjoyed each other and were not exclusive meaning we both played with others as and when we wished. We had a perfect relationship and a very strong bond.


I grinned, our relationship was special and somehow we worked. Our openness made us closer and more understanding of each other’s needs.


From experience, I had found exclusive relations quickly developed into taking each other for granted and usually from there, the seeds of doubt, suspicion and second alternative avatars or more began to grow and appear. Therefore staying in an open relationship always worked better for me, although I do respect those that are exclusive.  It is just not meant for me.


I am a sensual dominant and enjoyed a lot of what the kink offered, especially being in charge. The sadist and painful part of the kink had long ago disappeared from my repertoire. I did not enjoy it and it had no part in my practices now. I knew what I liked and was very confident in my sexuality.


Luckily the girls who I spent time with also enjoyed our mutual pleasures and trusted me completely. They seemed to enjoy my sensual kinky tastes as much as I did.


I messaged her back, “Morning Sexy lady. No panties. Give them to me when I arrive. Be there in 10”


It wouldn't take me long to dress.


She knew me well enough by now, I liked easy access to her to either look or touch, covertly or openly bold. She was my lady and I didn’t mind if others saw my desire for her….


And I did desire her very much so … 

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Posted 22 August 2018 - 06:27 PM

Reading his response to my message I cant help but smile wide. With the help of fate I've finally won the lottery in terms of relationship partners. We have an amazing life together here on 3DX. It may not work for most but it certainly works perfectly for us and to me that is all that matters. There are many who question and still others who have tried to come between. We are stronger than they are and with each attempt get stronger. There are no cracks of weakness. We won't allow there to be.
As I await his arrival and dance to great tunes played by the owner and DJ of our favorite morning coffee bar I am reminded that this is exactly where we began. It's a great example of how reality and perception can differ greatly. You know the deal. Memory is I froze and just stared at him; heart stopped, music faded; breath completely gone. When reality was I kept dancing and chatting with the guy I had come with, but with every cell on alert and focused on the handsome guy who turned me on with a glance. It was an intense gaze really. Filled with dare and intent that could not be missed. Checking out his profile was enlightening and I understood the dare completely. The pictures alluring yet classy with words leaving no question of his interests. He was a Dom. Intimidating title to someone with no experience in the lifestyle. I knew enough to know that I was not submissive.  The desire to find out where this would lead was overwhelming. The journey began near the sea on a beach with sun high in the sky. Rather fitting that it was in the open and not in some dark secret space as it has set the tone for who and what we are.
Since that fateful day he has brought me to heights unimagined before. I had always considered BDSM as something only those into pain are interested in but as in most things your mother warned you about this was not true. I quickly put that into same category as 'Stay away from the bad boys' and remained open minded. The jouney from 'vanilla' has been amazing and I have not one regret. I highly recommend it to anyone curious.  I have been deliciously tied and clamped and admired in ways not thought possible.
I look at my watch as Mike ups the volume on the tunes wondering where he may be. Most likely chatting with a sub or two touching base. Do I care? Some. I am human. But I know he will come to me. I know many couples in exclusive marriages and relationships who cheat on a regular basis out of boredom.  We both know what we have is amazing and not found often. I trust him with every dark and light corner of who I am so in turn i trust him with every dark and light corner of who he is. I will not ask him to be something he is not. If he agreed he would no longer be him. And it is he I value. Why change it? Why change him?  Why change us?
When he enters the room I can feel him without seeing him. The air changes. The music is sharper. My panties are damp. Again I feel like I am standing still and holding my breath. Heat engulfs me and I know he is near. He tells me this is known as Slave Heat. I fought the name at first but now they are just words and no words could possible do it justice. I can be in a small room filled with 50 people and I would know exactly where he is with my eyes closed. I am his with all of me that matters.  As he reaches me I turn to look into his eyes and I am lost and home at the same time and he wordlessly takes me into his arms. My breath returns in a gasp and I hear his growl at my core. I silently remove my panties and hand them to him. Again he makes me catch my breath as another soft growl escapes his mouth when he smiles and kisses the warm damp gusset before puhing them in his pocket. The day had only just begun and already there is a tell tale moisture glazing my inner thighs. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the day will take us. 
Join us won't you?

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#3 Vaughan_Rarius


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Posted 23 August 2018 - 05:10 PM

I magically teleported into Mike’s coffee and beach house. As always I was bombarded with friendly greetings and banter of old and new friends.

Absent minded, I greeted them all but my focus was on the pretty lady on the far left.


I headed straight for her, picking her up off the floor as I squeezed her to me in a lovers greeting cuddle.

“Good morning Sexy,” I whispered in her ear.


When her feet were returned to the decking floor, she stood before me and provocatively slipped out of her little lacy panties.  My heart raced when she handed them to me.






I smiled wickedly, slowly smelling her scent, salivating and kissing her damp panty scent before placing them in my pocket.

My loins stirred at the thought of her bare pussy under her skirt, caressed by the sea breeze and maybe even flashing seductively to me and maybe others when the unpredictable wind decided to lift the hem a little as we danced.


My thoughts were on her body, her feminine curves, her scent and her warm softness pressed against me.


People spoke to us while we danced and we answered but covertly each of us would grind against the other to tease and catch our breath every now and then to remind us of our desire bubbling just below the surface.


My hands boldly palmed and squeezed each butt cheek, pulling our groins tightly together but with a cheeky little flip of her skirt, I ensured her bare pussy was pressed against my trousered cock.

I felt her sharp intake of breath and chuckled into her ear… “Mine!”


I always enjoyed the eroticism of female nudity against my clothed male body. The dominate male in me enjoyed her trapped and vulnerable and a little slutty just for me. I liked to subtly remind her of my power, my strength and that whether she knew it or not… I was in charge… always.


Between conversations with others in the room, I nuzzled her ear and whispered to her…

“Do you feel the Slave Heat, my sexy little slut?”


To others, “Yes, I’m fantastic. How are you this fine morning?”


To her, “Can you feel what you do to me?”


To others, “I have bought in a selection of teas, coffees, beer, shots and cocktails… name your poison?”


To her, “Can you feel my hardness pressed against your pussy?”


To others, “Enjoy my friend, cheers”


To her, “Tell me how wet you are right now?” letting my breath and tongue tease her ear along with a possessive growl.


To other’s,  “Great tunes Mike, can you play Trey Songz - Neighbors Know My Name.  



To her, “Soon, I’m going to fuck you…  but first… I want you to beg 3 times!”

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#4 SusanLouisa



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Posted 23 August 2018 - 05:16 PM

With one hand on the small of my back he takes my hand in his other and leads me to a better area of the dance floor.  Greeting friends as we pass and waving to the friend who loves to sit atop the mountain throwing water balloons at those below. The sun had grown stronger in the last 10 minutes or so it seemes to me.
He pulls me close and even though we chat with others we know we are here to enjoy each other. The song he has requested confirms it and makes me smile wide at him.  I slowly brush my lips over his, eyes glued to his and sigh. His hands move to my ass as he grinds against me slow and hard making my breath catch in my throat. 
I am grateful for the cool sea breeze for without it I'd surely combust as he growls "Mine" against my ear". "Yours" I respond without hesitation and arch my back against his touch. Already craving more I grind back against his cock my eyes never leaving his.

We sway in time to the music and each other while laughing with friends.I am amazed at his smooth ability to converse with others while driving me crazy. I find it impossible to do more than exchange smiles with friends as he calls me his 'sexy slut'. Where once I would have found this offensive, on this day it is truth. His. Sexy. Slut. That is exactly what I am at that moment and I savor each word separately and together. Each of his private messages are designed and expertly timed to highten my need and I respond with positive moans as I bite his ear lobe and gently rock against him.
Always in perfect tune he knows that my desire for him is an equal match to his but he asks me to describe it for him. This comes as no surprise. Enjoying the process of pushing me past my norm is his goal and he knows that I'd much prefer him to investigate by touch. Instead I touch the inside of my knee as if to brush away a sea fly, wait a moment in case someone is watching, and brush the wetness with one finger onto his bottom lip in answer while smiling into his eyes as I do. "Extremely wet" I whisper.
“Soon, I’m going to fuck you…  but first… I want you to beg 3 times!” He whispers
I watch him lick his lips slowly.
"Please" I beg.

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Posted 24 August 2018 - 04:21 PM

“Please” she made her first beg and wickedly smeared evidence of her arousal from her fingers to my lips generously coating them, just like lip balm.


Her unique, special flavour was slightly salty and delicious. It immediately assailed my sense of taste. I tongued my lips, slowly savouring her. The taste of pussy in a morning, or at any time really, should not be rushed but enjoyed. I saw her intent gaze watching my tongue as it ran along my lips.


At almost the same time. I smelt her faint feminine sex fragrance waft to my nostrils and it pulled at the alpha male spirit silently waiting in the shadows. Another stirring at my loins, reminded me how attractive this sexy little minx was and I pulled her closer.


I fisted her hair at the back, pinning her ear to my lips and growled softly in approval at her sexy little tease and initiative and said, “One – you have two more begs left.”


I felt her shiver in my arms and held her close just long enough to remind her, I was very much a man and teases like that would always have consequences.


I loosened my grip and let my thumb run seductively down the length of her spine – from that sexy little spot at her nape right to the base and hollow of her back. Then we danced provocatively again.


Our eyes locked and I chuckled at the firey excitement ablaze there … she knew very well what she was doing and her actions, like mine were meant to build the sexual tension between us.


With one hand on her waist, I ground our groins together while dirty dancing. Her bare pussy was in contact with the material directly covering my hard cock and I knew from her face, each moment I made a direct hit on her clitoris. I growled approvingly at her hot responses.


My free hand hung more loosely down her body and near her leg. Using my thumb, in sync with the music, I drew small invisible circles on her outer thigh.


I felt her breath catch for she had received my silent message loud and clear for I had already taught her about the nice little tradition in the art of flirting where I came from –


During a conversation if a man would like to fuck the charming lady he is with, he will find a way to circle his thumb on her in a sweet and soft caress. The thumb circling may be on her hand, the small of her back as they dance or even on her outer thigh. If the lady circles her thumbs back then she will accept his advances. If not then the “just friends” chatting continues. It’s a sweet, subtle and silent way for a loaded question to be asked and answered with class and minimum embarrassment. It also ensured the lady knew she was attractive and desired but also that she was in charge now. If she wanted it to go further as much as the man then she needed to fully consent.


My question would now need to be answered, even though I had voiced my intent earlier, it made her face her sexual desires and importantly gave her the choice to continue or to stop.

I liked pushing her boundaries, to vocalise her naughty thoughts and moans and for me, the louder the better.


My circling thumb moved from her outer thigh to her inner thigh and caressed her between her legs, never completely touching her pussy, but accidentally on purpose brushing the tips of her bared labia now and then.


While my hand caressed her inner thighs, I nuzzled her hair and ears and whispered…


“Are my warm whispers in your ears intimate and enticing?

Could the people around us be unaware how your body may respond?

Do you tremble at the power of my words?

Can I make your body blush in places people cannot see?

Can I make you pant in anticipation of things to come?

Can I make you throb and become wet as your desire grows?

Can you see the fire and heat in me?

As I can see the smoulder of you?

Can you see what you could ignite?

As I can feel and revel in the power of our attraction,

Our hearts are drumming

With the music of our building passion…


The Heat of the Female Dance…

is seen by the man who can play the right tune.”


I wanted that second beg and for my thumb circling question to be answered.

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Posted 24 August 2018 - 04:24 PM

Mike plays my requested song in response to the one previously requested by V. We continue to hold each other close as our friends dance, laugh and chat around us but their voices slowly fade as his voice and the sound of our song takes over. His fingers dance down my back and I thrill at his touch, my eyes telling him all he needs to know as the words from the song drift *theres a silent conversation filled with hidden revelations in your eyes*
His dance moves, all meant to tease hit their mark and my body instinctively responds. I especially enjoy his surprise each time I tease him back, as if he thinks I am completely new to the dance. I watch his eyes as I roll my hips as I grind and grin at his response.
His hand drifts down as I smile and I feel the message he writes on my thigh. A circle slowly made with his thumb....round and round...now moving closer and I widen my stance ready to beg once again. I slowly mimic the circle just below his ear with just the tip of my tongue and he growls low and deep.
I wonder if he knows how just the simple sound of his whisper pulls at my desire. The words he whispers only add fuel and make my head spin.  I think YES YES YES YES but all I can manage to whisper is...PLEASE!
My second Beg is complete.
Marc Broussard - The Beauty of Who You Are

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Posted 25 August 2018 - 02:39 PM

I smiled at the sexy lady in my arms when a second plead escaped her lips.


“Just one more beg left,” I reminded her, then pulled her in close for a sensual cuddle in our dance. Not only did I want her sense of touch aroused, I wanted all her senses on high alert for the alpha male before her.


I wanted her body to tremble against mine. I wanted her thighs to quiver at my touch.


I wanted her nostrils to flare and breathe in deeply my cologne and the floating pheromones currently assaulting her brain and triggering her sexual responses.


I wanted her tongue to taste the salty film on my skin as the tip of her tongue circled her consent on my neck.


Those little answering circles were sexual dynamite! I pressed into her tongue to enjoy it more, growling in delight. Those hot little actions had certainly lit the fuse and set the sparks crackling for total ignition.


I wanted her closer to me, enough to hear, my quickening breath and the rumbling growls when I received her seductive flirts loud and clear.


Then I looked down into her smouldering eyes. I wanted her to see the flickering desire in mine so there was no doubt of my obscene intentions.


And… I wanted her sixth sense to feel the spiritual experience of my soul calling to hers, to bind us together in our mating.


I wanted her full and complete surrender!


“Feel the rush, don’t resist it.”  I growled into her ear.


And was delighted as she sang softly to me in her own seduction,

There’s a silent conversation filled with hidden revelations in your eyes” from the song currently playing in the coffee house -


Marc Broussard’s - The Beauty of Who You Are.


I responded and sang softly back, “Baby, I’m sooo into youuuuu, every whisper from your soul to my heaaaaart”


As I held the note on the last word, I wickedly pushed a finger into her wet pussy and felt her sudden and sharp intake of breath. She was so hot and wet. I moaned in approval.


I spoke softly in her ear, reminding her where we are,

“We are at the edge of the dance floor!

In public!

With people around!

And I’m fingering your very wet pussy!”


I paused so my words of the naughty situation could sink into her fevered brain.

I knew they had when I felt a rush of warm pussy secretion cover my probing middle finger and reaching my knuckles nuzzling her labia. I pressed further for her to think what she was allowing me to do to her.



“Do you think you are a good girl or a bad girl, letting me do this?”


She croaked an answer from her very dry mouth that was barely audible and I knew she was squirming in her aroused state.

I loved every minute of her embarrassed vulnerability and decided to prolong it a little longer for I knew the covert fingering was turning her on even more.


I began to finger fuck and added a second finger and chuckled as I had to hold her closer when her knees buckled momentarily.

She recovered magnificently and spread her legs for me as she stood on her own again. 


“Good Girl,” I murmured. "Good recovery!"


I continued my teasing, “Do you know the difference between a good girl and a bad girl?”


She shook her head looking up into my eyes. I saw the pleading need there but I wanted that third and last beg vocalised.


I told her the answer, “The only difference between good girls and bad girls is that good girls are very selective with who they are bad with… now give me that third beg.”



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#8 SusanLouisa



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Posted 25 August 2018 - 02:42 PM

I smiled softly at him in response as he reminded me I owed him another beg. Silently I thought, one day soon I will make you beg as well. In the meantime I am enjoying every moment of the dance he has set the rules for. The moves of the dance well practiced for centuries yet we make it our own here on the beach.
As he pulls me in I rest my head on his shoulder and my hand on his heart. His heartbeat and breathing matched the fire in his eyes and I knew he was feeling every touch as intently as I was.  His every breath mine. Each beat of his heart in time with mine. Only he knows where to go to reach me and I take a moment to cherish and value that we have somehow found each other and sing words from our song to him yet again.
I smile as I hear him sing the next line....everthing perfectly in tune. I feel his finger enter without warning and clutch at him as my walls close around it tight. He watches as I gasp and moan my pleasure. His words in my ear barely registered but I managed to whisper "Yes and if you stop I shall scream" as one discomfort far outweighed the other.  As he finally added another digit I squirmed and ground down hard in response and was grateful for his arms tight around my waist. The music blares "....You are sensual salvation, With the holiest temptation, Baby I'm never never never gonna be the same..."
"Good Recovery" I hear him say and I stand as if daring him to try again....I always do my eyes tell him. I learned long ago never to dare V without being sure I want the result.
"Do you know the difference between a good girl and a bad girl?" He asks  My eyes glued to his in a silent plea as his fingers continue to probe inside me I listen to his explanation.
"I am obviously very selective."
"Please" I whisper my final beg.

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#9 Vaughan_Rarius


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Posted 27 August 2018 - 12:20 AM




Mmmm”  I held her close while still dancing and still stroking and fingering her pussy. I was utterly delighted to hear the “Please!” of her third and last beg.


“That’s 3!”  I growled into her hair. “Now do I decide to make you orgasm right here on the dance floor or do we go elsewhere?”


I paused to allow my words to sink in, still intimately stroking her. I knew that covertly masturbating her on the dance floor with people around would pull at the sexy inner slut simmering inside of her.


The mere thought of being sexually naughty and going against what was acceptable behaviour in society and perceived as the norm in good public behaviour made some things forbidden.

And Forbidden always was sexually exciting to push the boundaries of!


It also made it even more so when the dominant partner took the responsibility of the decision away from the other. It heightened the arousal of the submissive partner for she was deliciously trapped; she had no choice but to comply with the demands of the alpha and her body betrayed her slutty need when her brain was struggling to be a good girl in public.


She mewled softly at my wickedness and once again, a flush drenched on my hand and fingers in between her legs. She was extremely turned on and more than ready to be taken.


“I think your body just told me you want me to make you climax right here in public view on the dance floor!”  I voiced her yearning to cum no matter where she was, such was her simmering sexual state.

“Well, well, well my Dirty Girl! I think I might just have to make you scream!”


Her head shot up to face me and I smiled when I saw the flames of desire flickering in her eyes mixed with the horror of being embarrassed and humiliated in public if found out.


I chuckled, enjoying the tease and finished my sentence, “… into my shoulder!”


She moaned her need and I began to masturbate her more. My fingers explored and teased her folds and I inserted my index and middle fingers even deeper into her. I cupped her pussy and used the heel of my palm to add pressure to her clitoris and I rubbed her in earnest. 


All the while we danced closely.


My hand was only visible if anyone took the bother to look closely and saw my arm partly hidden under her skirt. By the position and rhythmic motion, they could easily make an educated guess of the naughty but tantalising goings on.


Most were busy in chat or enjoying the music but, you never could tell who was the more observant in a crowd.


Her moans and gripping fingers became more pronounced and stifled as she became more lost in her sea of pleasure. The waves were building and crashing and becoming more tumultuous as the hot and obscene rhythm continued…

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#10 SusanLouisa



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Posted 27 August 2018 - 12:24 AM

V has always been the type of man to consider the when and where.... important to match the setting with the mood he wants created and captured.  There is benefit to having a lover who is so dedicated to detail and I knew even with my last "Please" that he was not done with me yet.
How deliciously advantageous for me I think as my spirit continues to dance with his through his fingers.  Even as he suggests a change in location he knows the thought of a delay would drive me utterly mad. 
However, from somewhere in the back of my sane mind came the thought that for sure someone in the room would surely see.
An equal mix of friends (who would only smile should they know), ex's (who would regret past choices) and prospects wanting to replace either of us (would learn this to be impossible) surrounded us.
The reputation of harlot no longer mattered as every one of my senses took over and shut down all reason. 
All that mattered was our pleasure. 
The mere thought as I took a breath of his scent from his neck upped the fire and my body reacted and I felt the ache of muscles beginning to contract.
Moisture seeped freely around his hand and I heard him comment “I think your body just told me you want me to make you climax right here in public view on the dance floor!”
I groaned and then heard him say, “Well, well, well my Dirty Girl! I think I might just have to make you scream…!” 
Raising my head I attempted my best Jersey girl glare but he was merely furthering the tease.
A brief 6 months ago hearing him confirm and speak in such a bold manner would have made me blush. Now, however, I was enthralled with the almost dare tone in his voice.
Blessed with a very upbeat song blaring as a cover I held my lips just far enough away from his as to not be touching and gazed into his eyes as I rolled my hips in time with his hand. I wanted to tease him as much as he was teasing me!
The pressure of his hand increased, coaxing my release. I craved it yet dreaded the end of this amazing dance but his persistent efforts insisted and left no room to linger in the depths.
As we gyrated to the beat I used the tip of my tongue to circle his lips slowly before lowering my head to his shoulder
Breathing fast, I leaned in tighter as the spasms hit deep and fast.
Every muscle tightened and I felt my toes fight my shoes as they attempted to curl. My back arched into his as I stretched like a cat shaking against him and screamed his name into his shoulder just loud enough to make some wonder where that sound had come from.
My arms tightend around his neck, holding him like a vice as he continued to coax me higher and higher. I staggered against him as he succeeds! 
I felt I would melt in a puddle on the floor as every cell reacted and my release gushed against his hand.
His arms held me tight to him preventing my fall not for the first time that morning! 
Gasping for breath into his shoulder my thighs continued to twitch. I remained spellbound in the circle of his embrace for many minutes before I turned my head without lifting and looked at him. I saw the full blown fire of his own desire in his eyes. 
Weak but still spirited, I responded to his growl and whispered "Say please..."

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#11 Vaughan_Rarius


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Posted 28 August 2018 - 02:46 PM

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman orgasm for you. I will never tire of the sight.

A glow appears around her. The slightly flushed skin, the sparks in her rolling eyes, her breath catching, high pitched mewls escaping her soft lips and the sexy uncontrolled convulsions. Incredibly Beautiful!




I held her against me as she screamed into my shoulder, stifling what she could and enjoyed the moment. Her pussy fluttered on my fingers and flooded them with her sacred oil.


When she came down from the sexual high, I wickedly stirred my fingers inside her pussy and used my wet thumb to press onto her sensitive clitoris to ensure she and I enjoyed the aftershocks.


I caused more delicious pussy ripples and shoulder moans and shaky legs, causing her to lean more into me to remain upright.

She was a very responsive and sexy lady and I was a very lucky man to be her lover.


She took a few moments to calm, only for me to press my thumb again and again into her clitoris and start fresh aftermath convulsions.

How could I resist? The moment was too aesthetic not to milk it to the full.

She was so breath taking in her pleasure and I was a man who enjoyed looking and watching a female in sexual play and attaining that special crest and climactic crash.


She eventually turned her head and whispered to me, “Say Please.”


I burst into a low rumble of laughter at those words. I adored her spirit and sass and sense of humour.

Here she was in her happy weakened state, knowing I was going to pick her up and teleport her to a place to be ravished, yet she still wanted me to say please.


How could I deny her such a simple victory after she had given me her morning orgasm so willingly and wonderfully!


I removed my fingers from her pussy and lifted her chin to look at me. I made her watch me caress my own lips with the drenched two fingers and suck on them. I slowly savoured her delicious essence while I contemplated her request.


Her doe eyes made me want to conquer her right there and then.

I kissed her deeply and passionately.


“Please,” I growled looking into her eyes. It was not a pleading please. It was more of a demanded request.

To reward her for her outstanding performance, I paused and repeated it a second time in the same tone, “Please.”


Then I leant down and growled into her ear a third and final please.

“Please allow me the pleasure of fucking you till you scream my name.”

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#12 SusanLouisa



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Posted 28 August 2018 - 02:58 PM


I fight the smile the sound of his laughter brings. The result is a soft smile and a twinkle in my eyes. I stare into his eyes, fully puppy dog syle, showing how important the please request is to me..  My eyes stare into his unblinking letting him know without repeating the request that I do very much want to hear him say "Please..."
Taking advantage of my stare he torturously slow removes his fingers and I am forced to change my gaze from his eyes to his mouth as he sucks on them as if the best thing hes ever savored.
No one kisses me like V does.  No one.  I feel the kiss with our eyes first. He has the ability to touch my soul when he looks at me and it no longer matters if my lungs ever function again. He kisses me now sharing the taste of me on his lips and I feel every bit of his desire in that one passionate kiss.
"Please" He growls and I know, without question it has cost him and that no one before me has ever dared request this of him. His tone however, lets me know this has been a well thought out response and he is still very much in control. In truth I'd not want it any other way
The music fittingly has slowed and we are able to slow our pace and slowly sway on the dance floor.  One of my favorite songs written by Bob Dylan....'Cept you ...No one can say it like Dylan and his words don't fail me now.
Another "Please"  growled in my ear this time as we sway clutching each other tight. He pauses for emphasis as he again in a low growl says:
“Please allow me the pleasure of fucking you till you scream my name.”
I smiled into his eyes then and whispered "Always" knowing that before the sun set I once again would whisper, plead and scream "Please".


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Posted 30 August 2018 - 08:29 PM

“Always.” She breathed her response.  I love how sexy that sounded.


Now the magic of 3DXchat allows you to teleport to certain places you can only dream of and have the most amazing sexual thrills. Not to mention to fuck in some pretty awesome places.


As I held this beautiful sexy lady in my arms and felt her shuddering curves against me, I looked up to the glorious morning sky to enjoy the wonder of the moment and savour what was to come.


And that’s where I saw the perfect spot to claim my woman…  A helicopter hovering over the sea.


I used the magic of the 3DXChat world, and before you could say “Oh My Fucking God – This Game!” we were both standing on the landing skids looking onto the cockpit of the magical pilotless helicopter.


I sexually pressed her against the cool window and metal.  She could see me through the reflection of the glass and saw my desire as my hands explored her, feeling her all over.


"What do you want?" She exhaled mischievously and shakily, hoping I think, I would take her hard. 

"I want you to take your top off," I told her huskily. "I want to look at your tits, mash them in my hands and squash against the glass."

She quivered with pleasure at my lewd request and placed her hands on the hem by her waist and whipping it off in one fluid movement.


Crossing my arms over my own belly, I took hold of the hem of my tee shirt and pulled it upward. I threw both tops in the cockpit.

She was stood before me, topless. My big hands moved to cup, squeeze and maul them.

"Beautiful.”  I growled, massaging her tits with my palms as she in turn pushed them so the backs of my hands were pressed forcibly into the glass of the cockpit.

My warm fingers curled around the swell of her bosom, rubbing and feeling her hungrily. I pushed against her, trapping her luscious body between the helicopter and my hard body.


I bent my head to kiss her shoulders and neck as I mashed her boobs. I massaged and fondled them with my dirty hands, leaving her tits feeling utterly and completely groped.


I uttered a few moans of satisfaction while I explored her body, pushing my lean hard body into her soft curves, getting her hot, slightly sweaty and glowing with desire.


I shuddered with a strong sexual need, snaking my arms around her as my mouth roamed from her ear to her neck to her shoulders to her other ear.


Ripples of pleasure travelled through me and right to my rock hard cock!


Her back was pressed against my chest while my hands fondled her breasts and down the curves of her bared belly and waist.


All the time, one hand held onto the 'copter to keep us safe.

My exploring hand felt her back and spine, then glided down the flat of her abdomen into the front of her little sexy skirt. 

"Dirty Girl, take off your skirt," I whispered into her neck as my fingers stroked her shaved and trimmed mound. Then they wormed still further, between her legs. "I like you pantiless!"

"Do you?" She teased and gasped, squirming as I forced my hand under her apex, my sex oiled fingers exploring the wetness of her pussy lips.


Little shivers of excitement coursed through her body and my cock stiffened even harder as she struggled successfully to remove her skirt. It was her last item of clothing she wore. She was now totally nude before me, breasts squashed against the copter and me pressing closely into her back.


"I think you like it more, my sexy little slut" I panted and then pulled my hand out from between her legs and licked my fingers. "mmm very Horny.”  I made sure she saw me in the glass reflection.


Open your legs. Show me how much your cunt wants my cock." I commanded softly into her ear, purposely using obscene language to make her feel deliciously slutty.

When she was positioned as I wanted her, I freed my erect penis from my briefs and jeans. I guided my cock to press into her lower labia, teasing us both.


My fingers slipped between her legs again and we kissed passionately while I wriggled two, then three fingers into her pussy and finger frigged her urgently.

The other hand held us both safely in position. My cock teased the base of her pussy and dipped between her bare buttocks. She did not resist when I probed, rimmed and then fingered her arsehole.


I pushed a second finger into her arse, making her squirm and gasp as I stretched her sacred hole.


At last I broke the kiss and pulled my fingers from her, caressing the side of her face and pushing them into her hair. Then I gripped her hair and looked in to her eyes through the reflection and in one thrust pushed into her pussy. 

“Mine” I growled and claimed her.


I pushed my cock into her as far as I could. I groaned with pleasure as I filled her up. And then I

Fucked her hard, fast and with beastial lunges. 

My cock slammed in and out of her, balls bouncing back and forth. Once I was buried deep within her and rocking myself against her in a steady fuck rhythm, I reached for her tits again, holding onto each one alternate with my one hand. I could feel her hot sexy body tight against me as I forced myself deeper and faster into her.

"Ohh B, you feel so-o-o good," I groaned as the wetness from her cunt rolled down her naked thighs and the tingling in my groin grew stronger.


I reached between her legs for her clitoris, rubbing furiously at it with the flat pads of my first three fingers until my whole hand was soaked in pussy juice. 

"Ahhh... Ahh... you're a dirty girl, B," I breathed and moaned into her ear. “You are one hot fuck!”


She pushed back onto my cock. I still groped her pussy, tugging a little on occasions on her sexy little landing strip. My thrusts slowed and grew longer, sliding several inches in and out of her with each stroke.

Then I slapped her arse cheeks intermittently in our fucking rhythm to enhance her excitement.


I growled as we fucked and sucked on her neck to bruise her in my passion.


“Cum for me Sexy Lady,” I told her and then was lost in my own greedy and selfish lust.


The sensation that had been brewing in me all through our dance, simmering just under the surface now bubbled up like a fountain, exploding inside of me. A jet of liquid fire seared through every nerve and fibre of my being.


“MINE, MINE , MINE. BBBBBBBBBBBBBB…” I roared in my lust and I began to cum.

I jettisoned a massive load of semen into my woman making her mine, claimed, scented and marked.


When the pinnacle had been reached and the descent down started, we both sank against the 'copter, still standing and breathing hard.

I held her, kissing the back of her neck and shoulders tenderly for several minutes.


It felt good and continued until we would both be ready to break the clinch and tired and satisfied, land back safely and fully clothed onto the dance floor. Such is the magic of 3DXChat.


"You are an incredible lady."  I whispered to her.

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Posted 30 August 2018 - 08:31 PM

I briefly wonder where we will go and before my mind clears there is instead of an invite to a room, an invite for a pose. 
"OMFG this man" I think to myself as I hit the accept icon.
We are teleported in a whirl of excitement. The view is just beautiful from the skids of the helicopter but I must admit that each time I had eyed it from below it was with the assumption we'd be inside it. I've learned never to assume anything with V.  Much better to expect the unexpected, however, he still manages to surprise me.
Looking down at the crowd I am aware that they are just as capable of looking up.
"What do you want?" I ask him with a smile.
As I hear his growled response to remove my blouse I know that only a few short months ago I would have resisted such a request for public display from any other lovers.
With V it is so very different and I do not hesitate to do his bidding with my eyes now unflinching as I gaze into his eyes through the reflection of the glass.
With that one action he knows I am his and I hope the crowd hears my own silent scream of "Mine"
His touch seems to be everywhere at once and he once again takes my breath away with the touch of his own on my neck. The feel of both his hands on my full breasts as we lean hard against the glass has me trembling and begging for him not to stop.
Leaning back against him I surrendered all fear and all thought of prying eyes.  All that existed was our shared hunger for each other. 
I slowly rocked against the pressure of his very erect cock hard against my ass. I lift my arm up and back to hold the back of neck to mine delighting in his hand slowly making its way downward. 
"Dirty Girl, take off your skirt," he says close to my ear.
Without removing my hand from his neck I use the other to undo the snap and let my skirt slip from my hips.
The feel of the sea breeze cool against my skin ablaze with my lust for him.  I whisper a croaked promise to never wear panties in his company again as his fingers probed. My breath is deep and fast as I squirm against his hand.  My head rolls back against his shoulder in abandon. I feel his need for me growing and becoming more difficult to deny. My whispered plea of please is lost in my moan. I watch the fire in his eyes as he cleans his hand of me with his mouth.
"Please" I whisper more clearly.
”Open your legs. Show me how much your cunt wants my cock." he says. 
"OMFG this man" I think but cannot deny the thrill spreading my legs and arching my back up towards him provides me. I watch as he removes the rest of his own clothing.  After all, I do want him to see what he has the power to do to me.  I want him to see how ready I am for him to take me as I see how ready he is for me.
Turning my head to look him in the eye his mouth passionately finds mine and my hands grip his arms tight as he slides his cock between my wet folds.  I hold my breath waiting for him to enter when once again he teases by using his fingers. 
The man is maddening and as I begin to whimper a "Please" into our kiss I feel his fingers probe and enter from behind.
I tighten my holds on his arms so tight I hoped they did not draw blood and bit on his bottom lip gently as I begged "PLEASE!"
Pulling his fingers away he touched my face gently before allowing his hunger to take over and he pulled my hair back roughly and without further delay entered hard and swift. Groaning I slammed back against his cock hard wanting and needing to feel all of him. Hearing his "MINE" I respond "Always" and roll my hips hard against him.
"Yessssss" tell him as he begins to move fast and furious and I move to meet each thrust hard. Every part of me has been waiting for this moment all morning.
My breathing hard and fast I fight my climax. Sensing this he moves his hand to my clit and completes his claim. He speaks to me again and the sound of his voice as much as his words pushes me to bursting.
I explode against him as he marks my shoulder with his mouth.
"OMFG!" I scream at first then pausing for breath "VAUGHANNNNN!
His voice groans out my name at the same time and I feel him fill me grinding hard and deep. 
The spasms make me shake and I clutch at him harder. 
Both of us gasping for air, our arms tightly around each other, there is no place I'd rather be than right here right now.
"Mine" I whisper back to him. 
He smiles. "You are an incredible lady." 
"Yours" I whispered back.

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 06:44 PM

Looking down at the people dancing below, an inspired idea began to form and I chuckled at the woman in my arms, pinned up against the helicopter.


She sensed my amusement.  “What?”  she asked tentatively, still in the afterglow of our joining.


“I have a gift for you,”  I said to intrigue her more, “But I’m not sure you are ready for it yet”

My veiled challenge served it’s purpose and B began to dress like I had.

We were still stood on the helicopter skids.


“No”  I stopped her. “I like you naked.


“But you are not naked! You are dressed!”  She protested a little.


“I know… but don’t you find it erotic, being totally naked to me being fully dressed. Do you feel vulnerable and excited by it?”  I whispered in her hair and ear, allowing my breath to softly arouse her again.


B moaned. My seduction was having the desired effect.


Using one hand to keep us safe on the side of the helicopter, I used my other to reach into my pocket. I handed B a black velvet draw string bag.


“Open it.”  I instructed.


She did so and drew out a strong gold chain that was quiet long. At the top it looped and seem to have two arms. At the bottom of the chain were 3 little arms.  At the end of each arm was a small but strong gold clamp.


“It’s very pretty.” B admired it.

“’I’m glad you like it.” I told her. “Because you are going to wear it”




Balancing carefully,  I placed the loop over her neck and locked it in place with a small lock and key, so it would not fall.

There was room to adjust the chain, short or long by causing a length of the chain to hang sexily like a back chain, from her neck down her spine.


I then instructed her to place the chain down her centre and for the top two arms to be clamped on to her nipples.

She obediently did as I asked and I adjusted the arms to droop a little from the central chain laying between her breasts in her cleavage so they pulled on her nipples in her natural movement.


Now clamp your pussy lips on each side to hold them open.”  I nuzzled into her ear.

I heard her intake of breath at my wicked words. I knew her pussy would be tingling again.


She reached in between her legs and pulled and clamped her vaginal flaps open. The two outer arms fitted perfectly to display her snatch.


“Good Girl.”  I growled. “Now place the middle clamp directly on to your clit!” 


B moaned but did as I asked.


I looked at the reflection in the glass. The gold chain looked stunning on her naked body.  She looked naughtily slutty and yet classy at the same time.


I pulled on the chain, to tighten it a little. The chain lengthened sexily down her back and I knew that she would like the chain brushing her spine.


This in effect pulled her nipples slightly up, her labia more open and pulled her clit out of her little protective hood. 


Satisfied, it was at the correct lengths, I unlocked and then locked the chain in place again, around her neck to secure it in place, until I decided when to take it off again.


The key went in my pocket next to her panties.


B instinctively moaned more, when I held and jiggled the chain going down her central line and belly, caressing it between my fingers and thumb. I twanged it a little to test that it pulled on her tits and pussy. It did beautifully. 


I smiled. It would also constantly massage her naughty bits as she moved around and keep her in a constant state of sexual arousal. Who knew?  She may even be aroused to the point of orgasm!


“I want you to wear your new gift and when you are greeted by friends and strangers, I want you to tell them about your jewellery, how it is attached to your body and what it does to you.”


I looked into her eyes in the reflection. I knew her heart was racing. She could not deny that she was excited by the prospect.


I looked once more at the sexy vision of her and said. “Now get dressed.”


And just in time, I teleported her back to the dance floor and in the midst of people dancing around us.


“Are you up for this wicked but sexy challenge?”  I dared her.

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 06:49 PM

I am going to start my response to this entry with a small reminder and I ask that the reader to continue to remember it as they read forward: I am NOT a submissive and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I am rarely "obedient". However, I do adore my man and I am very curious of his kink so I indulge us both.
I will only use proper avi names or nic names when given permission to.  So those mentioned without avi names do actually exist and I hope they recognize and remember our encounters kindly and with a smile.
I have learned to be a bit unnerved when V tells me he has a "surprise" or a "gift" for me. It is never the norm and it is usually a bit shocking. When he pulled the chain from the beautifully ornate box it did not look like any type of jewelry I had ever seen before. It is quite amazing really how something so wicked could be disguised in such a classy way. As if as long as the packaging is beautiful and the material it is created with is valued it makes it less lascivious. "OMFG this man" I think to myself but the look in his eyes and the way his mouth moves when he speaks quiets my voice. I too doubt I am ready for what he has in mind.
It certainly was beautiful. At the same time it left no doubt of its purpose. As he draped it around my neck i felt his fingers brush my neck gently and knew this was a challenge he truly wanted me to take. The Jersey girl in me rarely walks away from any challenge and I'd not walk away from this one either if it has already earned me that smile in his eyes.  Ready for it?  Not at all.  But even as I followed his instructions to attach it I knew I was all in.  "OMFG this man."
Far more erotic than any other piece of jewelry given to me in the past, each clamp had its desired effect and mixed with the unease was an undenialbe excitement of being so exposed.  As he explained the rest of the challenge I stood in shock, but my heart raced and I tried to hide the flush on my face. He could not possibly expect me to do such a thing.  Then he pulled the chain again and I knew oh yes, there was no doubt of the challenge in his eyes. My brain raced and tried to function as ripples of desire pulsed with every clamp pull. Alternating between "mmmmm" to "OMFG No way" to "MMMMMMMMM" I finally just sighed knowing the denial was futile. We both stared at my reflection in the glass and I caught his eye and smiled at his growl.
Managing clamps, chains and dressing on the skids of a helicopter while my thighs still twitched and those below watched was not an easy accomplishment. V seemed to take no notice of the struggle and without a word I found myself back on the dance floor. Friends of course greeted us with smmiles and comments having just witnessed quite the show above them, however, they were not aware of my new 'gift".  V looked at me as if expecting me to already be making contact with some. I could not help but laugh and as I did the chain pulled and it came out as a moan. The grin he gave me in return was quite maddening. I had an assignment looming so I kisses his grin, voiced my appreciation to our host and exited the room.
I first went home.  I had to get a better look. Staring in the mirror I could not believe what he had done to me and I was not just talking of the vision.  The woman of a few months ago would never have considered such a thing. Delaying it would not help the blush that still managed to make an appearnce now and then. As I stared at myself I picked up the phone and called my bestie.  "Jersey you are not gonna believe this...."  He helped a bit, as he always does by laughing and then said "Good luck with that!", and in unision we said "OMFG this game." Haning up the phone I took one last look in the mirror, sighed and got dressed again.
No time like the present and before I lost my nerve I looked at the list of rooms.  First stop the big day beach.  I would not approach friends as I know they'd just laugh as Jersey had. This room had a nice mix of seasoned 3DX'ers and newbs.  As is usual it did not take long for a man to private message me.
"Hiya princess how are you doing this morning?"
 I replied "Good morning but..."
"But?" he asked
"My boyfriend has attached this very sensual piece of jewelry to me."
Long pause
"Oh? Attached how?" he asked.
"Are you sure you want to know?"
I walked up and stood before him and unbuttoned my blouse and watched his facial expressions as he saw the clamps on my nipples and the chain that slipped down and into the waist band my short skirt.
"Ohhhh" he said incredulous.
I glanced at his profile quickly. Oh boy, a young one.
He reached out for the chain and pulled on it gently and I could not help the moan that escaped.
He grinned at me and said "That is amazing. You don't wish me to remove it right?"
"He has the key so that is not an option"
"Lucky guy." he said with a wicked smile
This was accompanied by an invite to his apartment.

Time to move on. But of course that is not a surprising invitation especially under the circumstance.
Just walking down the beach caused the chain to pull in all the right places. I paused at the surf and could not resist walking into it. The ebb and flow of the oceans tide moved the chain slowly and in time with the water rushing through my thighs. The clamps on my nipples made my breasts tingle and I immediately cupped my breasts in response. The clamps on my pussy lips pulled and I was deliciously lost in the momentum of the sea. Minutes in, with the sun bright on my skin and surrounded by others my toes curled in the sand and I was brought to an orgasm so intense I forgot where I was and his name still on my lips
"Are you all right miss?"
Another private message appeared on my screen. I instinctively covered my mouth with my hand knowing he must have heard me.
"Oh yes, thank you I am just fine, thank you, but..."
"Is there something wrong?"
"No, not really"
"Want to talk about it"? He asked.
"My boyfriend gave me a most naughty piece of jewelry this morning and has asked that I not only wear it but that I also tell strangers about it."
Again I take a quick glance at his profile and sigh in relief.  Married. Exclusive. Older.
"Hot DAMN! Can I see?"
Again I unbutton my blouse. Again I hear "Hot damn."
He ignored the look in my eye and reached out and pulled gently on the chain in the center of my breasts.
Moaning through gritted teeth I slapped his hand away.
"Need help removing it?" He asks. Why is it they all think I need help removing it?
"No, that would defeat the purpose and deny me the pleasure it brings like it did just now. Why would I ever want it removed?"
With that he poofed.
At this point I need to stop and just stand still. The slightest movement from breathing results in an extrordinary torture and I am having fantasies of attaching chains and clamps on V. The laughter these thoughts bring is counter productive of course. Best find my next and last 'victim'.
Fresco's is not often crowded during the day and today was no exception.  When I landed there was only one other person in the room. Male. Age 30. Not married. I stood in the doorway cautious to move. Apparently the longer you leave these clamps on the more sensitive the body parts they are attached to become.  He sent a private message rather quickly and I was relieved.
"Care to dance?" his message read.
"Only if you promise not to touch and I don't move" I replied.
"But let me explain" I added quickly so he did not think me rude.
I went through the simple lines I had already given twice before but this guy just stood and stared at me. I inquired if he had understood. Perhaps he spoke another language. With this another man landed in the room.  A friend of the first it seems as they greeted each other warmly. I just stood, not moving and attempting not to breathe, pushing thoughts of electric clamps on parts of V from my mind. The first man spoke in local chat to the second.
He said "Seems this nice lady has a problem we may need to help her with." I groaned both internally and vocally.
"Oh? What's up?" Said #2
"Me now but that is another story" Said #1 I again groaned and rolled my eyes.
"Well that She will have to help you with." #2 said and I could not help but laugh. Yeah like THAT's gonna happen I thought. Guy #1 spares no time in sharing my situation with guy #2.
"No way" Says guy #2.
I unbutton my blouse again.
Guy #1 reaches out to touch but is smart and listens to the message in my eyes.
Guy #2 says "Honey that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen."
"Oh? Want to see how it feels?" Once again imagining it attached to V.
Guy #1 apparently thinks this is as funny as I do.
Guy #2 Says "I really need to meet more of your friends." and reached out and did not just touch the chain. He knew exactly how to pull it with just the right amount of tension.
"Oh Shit" I moaned. And before I could escape had two requests to add as friends.
I landed in my room and immediately called V anxious to tell him of my day.  He answered as if waiting for my call.  "Come to me" he said and immediately invited.

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Posted 29 September 2018 - 12:15 AM

She rang me breathlessly and clearly excited and elated at her success in the sexploits I had set her.


The tone of her voice was infectious and as she relayed her sexy tales of these strangers, I also wanted and had a great urge to see her heat.


I indulged my want.


“Come to me,” I commanded & invited her to my place with only one thing on my mind – SIN.


She arrived panting and I made her stand on the rug in front of me while I sat in my easy chair with a glass of whiskey in my hand. The light was sensually dim in the room but I could still clearly see her and the glow of excitement in her eyes.


No words were spoken. She knew by now, I liked to admire her. My eyes caressed her curves and watched her heat ignite in front of me. The anticipation began to build quite nicely.


She was wearing a low cut, button front, pale aqua coloured blouse and it was immediately obvious that she was not wearing her bra. Her breasts were sexily peaked and her nipples were poking out on the material. 


I took a sip of whiskey as I slowly examined her tities with my eyes. I could just about see the outline of the small nipple clamps and could make an educated guess where the sexy body chain and other clamps were on her.  My eyes travelled down her body to her short skirt, lingering at the hemline and then to her magnificent shapely legs and “fuck-me-now” 4 inch heels.


“Lift your skirt,” I commanded.


She did so and I was rewarded with a beautiful sight indeed. Her skimpy panties encased her womanhood perfectly, her bare skin was flushed and there was a tell-tale damp patch forming.


I indicated for her to move forward and as she did do, I breathed in her sexy essence. I could smell her scent and it teased & pulled on my desire.







My cock hardened but I still wanted to savour the moment of this beautiful lady, acting before me, like a beautiful slut.


Usually, I made her remove her panties and hand them to me. This time I wanted that honour.


Both hands held her bared hips and my thumbs slowly caressed the sides of her belly while she held her skirt up and stood before me. I brushed at the sexy body chain hanging from her neck and nipples, down the centre of her body and into her panties, hidden from my view for the moment.


I placed my drink on a side table next to my chair and leaned forward kissing her tummy and belly button. I enjoyed her softness and relished the sexy scent of her feminine arousal and I teased the chain with my tongue.


Then with breath held, I leaned back so my head was eye level with her pelvis. I hooked my thumbs in to the sides of her panties and slid them slowly down. Her intimate flesh, along with the gold chain, was deliciously and sensually revealed, first her lower belly, then her mons pubis with her sexy and trimmed strip of pubic hair and lastly her labia and moist slit held open by the delicate but strong pussy clamps.


I lowered her panties to her knees and tucked up her mini skirt so it was like a belt around her waist. I then made her walk backwards and return to stand on the rug once more.

She looked deliciously slutty but I wanted more.


I gestured to her to unbutton her top.  “Do it slowly. Do it sexily.” I instructed her.


She did so and I sat back and enjoyed the show, sipping my whiskey and feasting my eyes on her sleek neck and collar bone, her cascading hair falling on her shoulders, her comely torso and bosoms, her chained nipples and her sexy waist.


Her whole figure was stunning. The body chain accentuated her natural beauty and her clothes decorated her body like a very alluring slut!


I admired her even more, boldly showing my male appreciation.

Then I spoke, pausing in places, “Tell me again what you did… who you met… what you felt… when you showed and told about your sexy body chain but this time... lie down, play with yourself.  This time moan loudly. This time show me your pleasure. This time masturbate for me while I watch you”


Her eyes widened at my proposal and I saw her mouth drop a little when I undid my trousers and pulled out my cock.


I sipped my drink in one hand and then began to stroke my cock slowly with the other.


“Begin.” I ordered her, my eyes challenging her.  Was she up to the task?


I enjoyed mutual masturbation. I found it very intimate with a partner.

I wanted to watch and learn her secrets.

I wanted to memorise her strokes.

I wanted to learn her sex noises but most of all I wanted to see the way she moved and self- pleasured.


I pressed the remote control of my stereo. The music was on low so it would not drown out her moans.

The music played low in the back ground.



Bodyrockers - I Like The Way 





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Posted 29 September 2018 - 12:16 AM

As I hung up the phone an image flashed in my mind of his slamming me up against the wall just as his front door closed and taking me swift and hard. My breath caught and my skin tingled with the anticipation of such a greeting as I accepted his invite.
As his room loaded I saw him from across the room and as always our eyes locked and never waivered. Without words I knew this would be a very different encounter than the one I had envisioned and the smile I gave him let him know I was not in the least disappointed.
I walked slowly towards him, letting my purse fall to the floor, taking in the scene he had so carefully set. The lighting was perfect with dimmed lights and the fire freshly started as the sun was just now going down. My gaze never left his as I watched him watch me. There is nothing more stimulating than a man who does not mask his desire. He told me to stand in front of him but there was no need to do that as there was no place else I wanted to be.  The set of his clenched jaw, slightly parted lips and lowered eye lids as he inspected told me that as much as he wanted my initial visual he wanted this more.
I lifted my skirt for him as his eyes continued to consume me with his appraisal. I could feel the touch of his eyes on me and as he drew me closer just the feel of his breath on my skin. I instinctively widened my stance for him just a fraction and felt the various clamps pull slightly and I exhaled not realizing that I had indeed been holding my breath. He touched me for the first time with his mouth on my belly as if to devour me and my breath caught as I moaned softly, closing my eyes. I looked down at him still watching his eyes as his hands deftly lowered my panties. My glance moved to see his hands leave the silk around my knees. I knew too he was making note that no other had left their mark on my skin.
As I walked back to the rug I imagined what I must look like and hoped the heels, already shakey legs and panties around the knees continued to keep me steady. His eyes continued to carress me as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse as requested. One slow teal button at a time. After the beach I had unbraided my hair and brushed it so that now it flowed softly over my shoulders as the blouse fell away revealing the nipple clamps he had put on them just that morning. His gaze felt like fire on my skin as he slowly and boldly told me what he wished me to do. As he spoke I slipped both hands into the waist of my skirt and let it fall as I wiggled just enough that my silk panties slipped to my ankles and I carefully stepped out of them. I slowly bent at the waist and picked up only the panties.
Watching his cock in his hand I walked up to him, eyes back on his, and dropeed my panties in his lap. Smiling into his eyes I then took the glass from his hand and walked to the decanter and poured more. As I returned to him I took a large needed taste from the glass. I knelt before him, glass in hand, and lowered it between my legs slowly so as to not spill it. As I twisted the rim of the glass against my very wet folds I said "Each one I met offered to help me remove the lovely gold jewelry you gave me....but I explained to them that was not an option."  As I handed the well coated glass back to him I said "The first man on the beach was very young and I think I scared him a bit." I paused and watched as he stroked his cock slowly and leaned forward just long enough to blow on the tip, watch it twitch, and lick the pearl of precum the twitch had provided me.
I gently tugged on the chain as I slowly backed away from him to lie down on the floor in front of him. I reached above he head to move my hair in a pool the floor and left my arms there as I closed my eyes and stretched first. From my hands to my feet, back arched up allowing the chain to pull with each movement. I then repeated how the flow of the tide had matched the intensity of my climax in the sea that afternoon. I raised my clenched knees slowly running my hands over my hips and outer thighs. As I cupped my breasts and pressed them together the clamp on my clit pulled harder and I moaned softly as I watched the fire reflected in his eyes. I slowly alternated the slight rasing of one knee and then the other as I said "There was a man there, not having understood what he had just witnessed, and was very kind to inquire as to my health."
I slowly lifted spread my knees as my hands leave my breasts and slowly move down over my belly where his kiss had been minutes before. I watched him continue to stroke as both my hands now dragged my nails lightly over my inner thighs and I stretched again knowing the beautiful clamps would be like having him everywhere at once. One hand moves the the chain and pulls it harder as I cup my breast and I tell him about landing in Frescos, my voice sounding like a moan.
Pulling on the chain again my fingers slowly trace the clamps on my clit. I am so unbelievable wet its no wonder they don't slide off. Pulling on the chain I insert a curved finger and grind while I watch him quicken his strokes. I pull the chain tighter and hold it as I insert a second curved finger and rock my hips in time to his strokes my eyes glued to his. The desire in his eyes mirrors my own and it does not take very long for the first spasms to hit and I insert yet another finger. With each pull of the chain I feel its grip on my nipples and clit and move my hips in time to his pace. My toes begin to curl and my back arches up hard as I begin to shake and explode in a rocking climax just as I feel his cum splash on my breasts and I hear "I like the way you move..." from the stereo speakers.
It takes a minute to catch my breath but before I can he leans over and once again pulls on the chain with a glint in his eye....

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Posted 29 September 2018 - 06:02 AM

You both have an extraordinary talent to describe erotic moments without any touch of random porn. I like it very much.

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Posted 12 October 2018 - 08:52 PM

Thank you Melanie .  I'm glad you are enjoying it.


Keep watching, there is more to come :)



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