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Interactive Erotica: RP in 3DXchat

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 04:53 AM

At least half of my sexual pleasure is mental. Even in real life, I don't just enjoy the feelings - I imagine what my partner might be seeing, feeling and tasting too!  If we're doing something risky (like teasing each other through thin bottoms that are getting too wet), I'm also imagining how we look to anyone who chances upon us. For example, I'm always looking down to see how much my nipples are showing through my shirt - if I was risque enough to wear no bra, or just a push-up shelf bra.

In 3DXchat, this effect is doubled and redoubled. A little text alongside the great graphics really helps set the scene. In fact, you can extend the game world enormously by imaging a few additional things.


For example, as some of you know, in real life there are latex (rubber) panties with a dildo built on the inside. With appropriate lubrication, when you slide these on they'll nicely fill your ass or vagina, depending the version you buy and how you wear them. These panties can be both fun and maddening to wear, especially since latex clings and makes you hot and wet!


My in-game character (FridaLundser) is (predictably) extreme. She has a double dildo pair - one two dildoes. I have adopted the convention that whenever Frida is wearing the shiny big black panties, she is wearing the double-dildo panties. My profile even explains this, and includes a helpful photo for reference. My friends who see them on me know that both dildos are stirring inside me with every step I take. The photo shows Frida enjoying those panties at a yachting party.




To add extra spice, the dildos each have a remote-control vibrator. I'll sometimes give the vibe to a friend for the evening, so they can reduce me to a gasping, quivering, near-orgasmic wreck whenever they want.  That involves them in my role-playing adventures, and encourages them to think of similar ideas.


I'm looking forward to the day when someone leaves both vibes on max for too long. Will Frida pull them off and beg for some "real" sex? Will she drop to her knees and rub herself until she comes? Will she scream out her orgasms in local, begging her partner to turn off the vibes? The possibilities for advanced naughtiness are unlimited.

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Posted 02 June 2018 - 02:50 AM

Frida, thank you for taking the time to make such a well thought out and descriptive post. :)

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