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World Editor more than one world and links between!

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Posted 25 January 2018 - 03:39 PM

So if I follow your logic: I paint Bob a picture and he hangs it on his wall, and YOU steal it...Bob shouldn't be upset you stole it because he didn't paint it?

Definitely a logic no sane person would've came up with. People should respect the person's creativity and ownership. If you're going to use something someone should always get permission first unless it's available to the public by the creator/owner and under no circumstances should they pass the creation off as their own. People that do otherwise have no appreciation nor value for anything nor anyone and are selfish in what they are doing. I'm no builder, but I respect the builders in this game and will always ask for permission, help, a file copy, and will definitely give all credit to the builder. I have made a small place finally though it's not all that it's my own creation and it's presentable. It has it's flaws, but hey no one have built a custom build for me and no one helped me. Therefore I'm a bit proud. If someone was to steal, hack, or download a copy from the server however that's done or whatever they want to call it though it has flaws and isn't all that I'd be angry as the one who built it. I mean it's mine and I should give permission to who I want to have a copy like it or not. Keely the logic is indeed flawed, but to someone that just wants to justify their actions it's the truth to them after speaking such a lie for so long. A lie is dangerous when the one who tells it starts to believe they are speaking the truth.

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