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#41 Lilcal


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Posted 18 February 2018 - 04:42 PM

Sweet story! Wish I'd run into someone who would wash my cars while I shopped. Good idea for a small business I'd say. Don't think the "hook" (your own word..used by you, in your own thread to describe your own passive aggressive behavior) was unnoticed though. I will be suggesting to some young people in town what a good idea this might be for them..so thanks for thinking of me.

#42 RobT


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Posted 18 February 2018 - 04:46 PM

we need more love in the world so come take a trip on the love boat!


#43 Mar Mohan

Mar Mohan

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Posted 18 February 2018 - 06:28 PM

Can I say this to try and put all the recent argy bargy behind us.


We brits have a multitude of words for people which can be used to mean anything from 'I love you to little peices but what you've done is a bit silly' to 'fuck off you total arsehole'. The context makes the meaning absolutely clear to us, which is why we say these things without thinking too much about it. Having said that the latter can mean the former under the right circumstances. God that sounds wierd, lmao. I love playing with words, you sound surprised. So my calling my husband a total pillock is just one way of letting him know how much I love him. I think pretty well everybody gets that. I did love the fish puns - everything in the right plaice.   I know a lot of terms being used in other languages and don't find them offensive even when some certain words that others do because if you know where the person is from it's not meant that way.  So if someone is unsure with a game like this they can ask first to understand what the meaning is.  Just like some words have two different meanings.


What I would never do is to be deliberately offensive to anyone, if I can possibley avoid it. I don't actually like confrontation. That doesn't stop me from fighting back when I believe in something. That does sometimes get me in to trouble, like I get a certain malicious humour out of putting hooks in my posts, when I'm angry, for my attackers to go and hang themselves on. When they go and do exactly isn't very nice I know but it does give a certain satisfaction when if it were a rl conversation I'd want to throttle living shits out of them. Stereotype time - red head's aren't just the sexiest people on the planet.  I have never attacked you, was offensive to you in any manner I just didn't agree and you attacked me because of it.  I'll fight back just the same.  I do my best and stay in the rules.  Just be careful when you speak of hooks because if someone doesn't understand and just read what's written with how things are today that could be considered offensive.  Had it been in RL as a conversation, you may want to throttle them but that could backfire just the same as you don't know how someone would react.


So if you don't get what I'm saying do what Desi does, and what my other Amreican friends do, google it, laugh and ask or take the piss out of me for it, bearing in mind context can totally bugger up your meaning.


So this is a kinda roundabout way of saying I accept RobT's apology - not that I'm about to say that he's the acest bloke in the whole wide world. Nobody can compete with my husband and my Dad for that position.

#44 Ciera


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Posted 18 February 2018 - 07:31 PM

Sorry to disappoint you LilCal, the hook wasn’t for you. It was aimed at the people who either like your post or reply immediately after.

All very informative, yeah.

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