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I won the Lottery!!

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#1 AllisonStarlove


    Happlly Married to JustSomeGirl (JSG) (In Real Life)

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 06:12 AM

Hello, I'm Allison (Ali for short) and I am a Lesbian.


No, not the money lottery. But I feel that lucky to have found that one person you were meant to finally, and I want to shout it to the world. I have been though many girls and relationships and always knew they were "not quite right" , lived with a few in my short life (I'm 20 something). But to actually find the one woman in all the world right in my own backyard.


You know her as JustSomeGirl (JSG) and a few other names I am not allowed to state. I don't play or participate in the 3DX game, I have no reason to. As far as I know neither does JSG anymore. She (JSG) got me into this forum because it is supposed to be for adults and has a large lesbian population. I'm not really an on-line game player but JSG is and I wanted to participate in things she likes. Although I know she doesn't like me sharing things about my/our life but she wants to make me happy, and I just have to shout life-changing moments to the world...


I have had many, many, people tell me to 'be careful' and telling me things could fall apart. As has JSG. When we met it pretty much totally scared the fucking shit out of both of us. Almost to the point JSG was very reluctant to even continue. I never believed in "Love at first site", I was convinced that it did not exist in the world.


I don't know if anyone here has ever felt this it was just so totally freaky. We met in a Lesbian Pub, the old cliche of "Seen from across a crowed room" , I spotted this girl with long blonde hair and a fantastic body and could not take my eyes off her. I actually tried to avoid her most the night, but it got to hard. So I took the plunge. There were about 10 girls trying to get her attention, and the minute our eyes met it was electric. She ignored all the other girls and dragged me on to the dance floor. ME! she could have any other girl in the place and she chose me. I couldn't believe it. Looking into her eyes I knew she was the one..It felt so right. She looked like a deer caught in headlights and I knew she felt the same way. You would think we would be in bed together right away that night. But we held off and did the proper thing a lot of couple do in this country, we exchanged medical certificates stating we were both free of any kind of STD, AIDS or other disease.


Our second date, we went to a really nice dinner on a boat in the harbour...and she actually told me that I scared the shit out of her (great thing on a date aye?) She has always guarded herself and swore she would NEVER fall in love or get to attached to anyone ever. (I assumed bad breakup, I was right) Our first kiss she melted, the walls came tumbling down and I have been in total bliss ever since.


We had an invitation from a filthy rich friend of mine to go out on a weekend cruise on her yacht, (probably because of all my gushing about this new girl I met) our own cabin for 3 days. We both loved the water/ocean and we were also told it would be a lesbian cruise with 3 other couples and even the boat staff (including the captain) we also all female. 


After a weekend of the best mind blowing sex I have ever had, when we got home we were laying in bed at her place watching a DVD (Drew Barrymore in the romantic comedy "Never been kissed".) And I just blurted it out.

3 little words that would change my life. (and not "I Love You") it was "Please Marry me"..


My heart must have stopped, did I just say that? And it started again, when I heard "Fuck Yes..My Goddess"


All this happened over just 3 weeks I think. We have been together every moment we can since then, still going strong and not a sign of letting up. Some couples find little annoyances about each other, we still haven't found one yet. We also made sure their would be total honesty if we found any.


Well, thats my story, if your read this my love,I can't wait till we move in together.. I just had to tell it to the world...You know me :)


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#2 BlackVelvet


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Posted 07 October 2017 - 06:38 AM

*_* oh god Ali
I don't know who you are but I really wish for both you all the best in this world <3
There's so much love in what you wrote that you really deserve to be happy together
Good luck with your life!!!
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#3 JustSomeGirl


    Happlly Married to Allison Starlove (In Real Life)

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 07:29 AM

Glad you got that off your chest, my darling..


..Now get on mine :P

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#4 WylieCoyote


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Posted 07 October 2017 - 01:34 PM

Yeah I don't know much about either one of you...but I gotta say that's beautiful. It is really refreshing to see such raw honesty and emotion around here, don't let any of the haters take that away from you.


As someone who has been through many relationships myself I personally don't believe that there is such a thing as a person who will never annoy you...even if they only annoy by being so fuckin' perfect. That said, if you have made a pledge to be honest with each other when that happens...and you stick to it...then I'm sure your love will carry ya through.


Wishing you both eternal love and happiness!!!


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#5 Stellania


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 05:15 PM

Awesome thread! Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.


All those feelings you talk about.


Cherish them, NEVER forget them. Carry them with you forever... and your couple will NEVER fade.






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#6 JustSomeGirl


    Happlly Married to Allison Starlove (In Real Life)

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 03:24 AM

Thank you from both Allison and I , Stella, KISSES!

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