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Haiku poetry silly sexy

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#101 WildHoney


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Posted 15 October 2018 - 06:34 PM

                                                                                                          The Man of Mystery



Lost in memories

He danced upon my Midnight

And held my soul bound


He scooped me up tight

Held me breathlessly and cold

yet warmed me fully




Breath upon my face

Chilled and dewy covered

Smiling and all is well


His thick muscled arms

Enfolded me, lifting me

Bringing me t'ward Home.


His eyes of deep brown

So dark they pulled me inward.

Into his Dark Night


Me, Captivated

Charmed, Naively unaware

Quickly caught, captured.




He took me Home bound

I had no thought to the "why"

But Quick Discovered!



He was mystery

Masqued male walking silently

Carrying me forth


Drugged with his raw scent

Primal male hypnotizes

With his touch and look.


His Whispers echo

Sounding inside my brain

Hypnotic word, "MINE"











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#102 WildHoney


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Posted 18 October 2018 - 11:47 PM

The pain in ones heart

Rips, tears and pulls it apart

Seemingly unending.


Time may heal all wounds

Yet,no time table for grief

Its there, until it isn't.


When grief overwhelms

It consumes our emotions

Makes us feel numb.


But there is healing

That comes with time, patience.

Rebuilding takes time.


Rebuilding lifes path

To continue in another direction,

Seeking answers.

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#103 ChiK73


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Posted 20 October 2018 - 01:38 AM

Why do I still call

knowing your voice is gone, yet

recording remains

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#104 AllisonStarlove


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Posted 20 October 2018 - 06:01 AM

Halloween comes, we all listen

As skeletons rattle. and pumpkins glisten

Then we all go on the hunt

For some demonic moronic little cunt..

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#105 Terrabytes


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Posted 22 October 2018 - 03:50 PM

A heart once gifted

No longer knows compromise

Unwilling to bend


Whether here or not

Making little difference

The heart remembers


No longer my own

Property of another

Leaving me a shell


Are some wounds too deep,

outside Time’s healing powers?

Forever changed?

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#106 WildHoney


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Posted 24 October 2018 - 01:30 PM

Love and patience bring

Through The Healing wings of time

Perspective, & Peace.


Forever, Endless? 

No, But someday, yes surely,

Keep Faith, hope alive.


A heart breaking loss

Is hardest to heal when we

Lose our  minds Soul Mate.


Yet, take heart knowing

They are always with us.

Angels,we are unaware.


But sure they are there,

Watching over us with Love

Sending us daily doses


Of encouragement,

Light, messages of Hope

Through friends supportive stance


Its not an easy thing

To heal our hearts that break

But someday comes, Yes!

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#107 WildHoney


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Posted 02 November 2018 - 12:23 PM

I have submitted some of my poetry to Literotica and received word today that they were published. :) YAY


so here is the link. You will find me under the name SinfulSexpot:) 





This is one that I had put here first. as you see on this page it has pictures with it. It is my favorite of the ones I submitted. If you all could give me a look and rate me with a good four stars, (hint hint) or even five if you think that they are good enough,  That would be great! Thank you everyone.    








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#108 SusanLouisa


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Posted 05 November 2018 - 02:42 PM

This is not an haiku but was recently shared with me by a new friend.  I wanted to share it with you all and this seemed the most appropriate topic to do so.


Feel free to share this where ever you wish but without my name attached as I do not crave the credit as some do.  It was meant only to touch hearts.  I shared it here and here it shall live. 







Online Friends

There's a land where I go when I need to share
That's not on a map, yet exists everywhere.
There's names without faces, a curious place
A modern creation that's called cyber-space
There is all sorts of people with cute little names
Like Pookie, and Sandman and Rosebud and Flames.
Some are just snobs and some are real fun
And some of them just want to find someone.
The good and the bad ones, they all play a role.
Still each one unique, but part of the whole.
We talk and we laugh and wonder "Why?".
We giggle, we hug, and sometimes we cry.
We can not be heard and can not be seen.
Yet, there it all is, right there on our screen.
But look deeper still -- the most curious part
Is the power it has to open our heart.
To share with a stranger those things we've concealed,
Which to our closest of friends we'd never reveal.
Our deepest regrets and most troubling fears
The scars in our life which bring us to tears.
What gives them the power to reach into me
And show me the truths that I never see.
This must have been planned by a god from above.
There's no place on earth giving this type of love.
When we need some direction we know we can find
A friendship to nurture just waiting online.

Author: unknown


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#109 Caren


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Posted 09 November 2018 - 12:45 AM

The server is down
People are losing their minds
Take a breath and chill

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#110 Kaitlyn1989


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Posted 09 November 2018 - 01:58 PM

So many faces

forum full, server still down

looking for answers


Nothing from Gizmo

A community panics

Some rant, others play


Some quick to anger

When things do not go their way

So little patience


Others take a break

Finding something else to do

Indoors or outdoors


We aren’t in control

Just along for the ride

Make the best of it  ;) 

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#111 Caren


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 02:08 PM

I ran today and
The server is down and yet
Sun shines and life thrives
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#112 veroniqua



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Posted 10 November 2018 - 02:13 PM

Hello, what's happened???


Since today i cant go on 3dx????


Do you know what's happened???


Thank you for your precious answer...

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#113 WildHoney


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 03:45 PM

Heaven's Tears
I took time today
Walking the path less taken
Feeling more control

Deep breaths in
Seeing the sun shining bright
Everything's alright

Leaves swirling up high
Dancing amid the sunbeams
Colorful fairies

The autumn colors
Transition now to somber greys,
As Winter slides in.

Then the clouds roll over,
The Sunshine hidden and dark
No more bright colors

Crackling underfoot
Fallen leaves come scattering
Amidst the rain and snow.

Tiny snowflakes float
Gentle flowing moisture bits
Blanket all my soul 

The snow becomes rain,
drenching my face turned upward,
Falling quicker now. 

Do I worry then?
No I don't, Tis Heaven's Tears
Washing, cleansing me.

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#114 Vaughan_Rarius


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 05:10 PM

Dedicated to our Military and the fallen servicemen. Thank you for your service. Thank you for all you have done, achieved and given.


A Soldier’s Battlefield.


The Crashing of shells

Shrapnel and exploding earth

Will I survive this?


Helmet slips down to

Eyes, with splatterings of blood

Loud and scary times.


Not my blood Thank God

But the poor soul blown to bits

Standing next to me.


A mush of flesh there

Is all that remains of him.

God keep me safe prayers!


A wounded comrade

Seen in the red grass ahead

I pull him to stand


“Run and keep moving”

I shout above the mad din

More exploding clods


He nods, turns and falls

A bullet lodged in his brain

Instant death this time.


In the deathly smog

More deadly enemy fire

Cutting down brave men.


Choking as I breathe,

Bad air and death everywhere

Eyes sting and mouth dry.


Too much blood stains me

Mostly from others, not mine

The horrors of war.


I see enemy

A murderous soldier looms

It is me or him.


He lunges for me

With rifle and bayonette

I parry and slice


He falls with dead eyes

My swipe firm and fatal

A man in his prime.


Exhausted and tired

Another man meets his death

As I fire and hit.


The battle rages

All around me dead soldiers

The war of countrys.


Bullets whizzing round

Screams of fatal injuries

Dodging and weaving


Praying I survive

My mind already war scarred

Nightmares now sown.


Will I ever know

The Peace we fight for so strong

A bullet finds target…


My legs seering pain.

I fall to the ground, screaming

Blackness and breathless.


I see enemy

The murderous soldier looms

It is me or him.


His deathly eyes wide

Screaming I fight for my life

I am held down fast


“It’s ok Soldier,”

A feminine voice calms me

“You are safe now here.”


Hospital Care now

Physical injuries heal

Mental scars still hurt.


War's cost is too high

Dialogue and compromise

Is the way forward.

Ask the soldiers who know!




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#115 Leopardus


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Posted 13 November 2018 - 02:39 PM

I don't have the brains
To create a good Haiku
So I won't write one
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#116 Kaitlyn1989


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Posted 13 November 2018 - 07:29 PM

an oxymoron ?

logical contradiction ?

you won’t, but you did.

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#117 Leopardus


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Posted Yesterday, 12:34 AM

Literary spares
Synonym redundancy
Words that can be swapped


Lying and "Fake News"
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#118 MikeyDee


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Posted Today, 11:59 AM

I’m gonna call this “A night to remember”

It’s about a night long ago when I started playing in a band and one of those few nights I got the gig and the girl despite the odds. One of those nights where everything went right and it was all completely unexpected.

A passion ignites
The rhythm my siren
Ecstatically played

A smile and a nod
Transmitted and acknowledged
Bass and Drums as one.

Each thump and rumble
The crowd’s feet and arms succumb
Our congregation.

Adrenaline flows
Like lightning so powerful
A high unsurpassed

The final notes play
Applause, our cue to farewell
Reality calls

Each instrument packed
Into homeward bound vessels
Slumber is calling

Awake with no hope
The comedown is relentless
To solace I gaze

Her eyes glance at mine
A smile and “hello” we converse
She ignites my soul

Us both at loose ends
Both yearning for each other’s kiss
The temptation too great

A dawn on a hill
A city asleep observed
Slowly awakens

Philosophy flows
Our loves and lives our pet hates
So much in common

Has fate struck again?
Could this wonderful vison
Be my true soulmate?

The yearning for more
A slow dance under the moon
Her passion calls me

A gentle embrace
Love made in dawn’s early light
The stars our voyeurs

To home we embark
To seek solace and comfort
Entwined in our dreams.
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