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Blondie searching a Crew

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#61 EvilElf


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Posted 06 June 2017 - 10:35 PM

Send to me. I will not only post it. I will send to gizmo. Threatening anyone is against tos.


I think we can continue the conversation after that's done. It will clarify everyone I hope lol

#62 Exene



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Posted 07 June 2017 - 03:40 AM

so he is clueless and an idiot. lol


EE's the "CEO" of the BDSMetal 'gang' since Maron left, and he is obviously trying to do some sort of damage control. But instead, he's just making more damage be caused.


Also, Evil Elf, a WARNING, is not a threat. All I did was warn about the screenshots. I have no reason to threaten anyone, sunlight and the truth are all I need to be assured I'm on the high ground.

#63 RobT


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Posted 07 June 2017 - 03:42 AM

EE's the "CEO" of the BDSMetal 'gang' since Maron left, and he is obviously trying to do some sort of damage control. But instead, he's just making more damage be caused.

I would say I am impressed but I'm not. this kids is the reason you don't join foolish little gangs. let this be a teaching moment OP
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#64 Guest_Twiggy_*

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 09:42 AM

don't listen the crap people throwing out. most gangs are friendly in this game those who cannot belong to one probably kicked out officially or couldn't make it because of their personality. 


Hmm, that's a hell of a statement to make, so I who is not in a gang has either been kicked out or my personality sucks.

I will tell you my experience with gangs in 3DX, but I will say here before I go further I do know quite a few people in these gangs that I have no problems with, and have had fun with.

Also I am not going to bother naming any gang or members that have done these things.

I have been asked to join several gangs and have found with half of them when I say no they take offense to that.

I try to explain I just want to remain neutral and not join any gang but have still had them try to convince me I should join, still sounding like I had offended them by saying I didn't want to.

They have said things like I think I am to good for them, or they are doing me a favour by asking me to join, lots of different things have been said.

It hasn't happened for a while now, but when it was it was something that was starting to piss me off.

I choose not to be in a gang because of the amount of inter gang arguments I see going on, both in game and in these forums.

Also I hated the gang thing when I was at school, being told who I could hang with or not.


There are a lot of reasons people don't want to join a gang, to say it is either we have been kicked out or our personality is bad and stopping us from being in one, that is just so fucked up, I think you really need to re think on that.

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 10:10 AM

Always makes me chuckle that an app for group conversation is called 'Discord'....


It's human nature when people form a group entity, some will want to lead and others are happy to follow. Most people naturally fall into hierarchies, but within that basic structure is a Petra dish which cultivates conflict for those who don't like their place. People compete; period. And when they do, politics emerges and with it, manipulation. And with politics comes sub-groups. With sub-groups we observe fractures and after fracture, comes fall out. Then groups sub-divide. Rinse and repeat. Groups have a shelf-life... especially ones thrown into the furnace of a sex game, with all the basic instincts it provokes.


Kudos to those who make them work, but they're not for me. I'm in the No Club, Club....

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#66 Abbey



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Posted 07 June 2017 - 01:51 PM

And this is why I do not belong to a "gang" I prefer to have select friends that have earned my trust over time. Also way to go everyone turning this thread into another borderline drama thread.


My advice to original poster is just take your time, chat to people, be cautious, go into potential friendships with your eyes open. Take note of this forum and posts from members, you can tell a lot about a persons true personality and thoughts. Then determine who is good for you. The signs are everywhere if you look for them.


Wishing you luck β™‘

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