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Not as good as it's hyped to be ..

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#41 Amberhawk


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Posted 06 January 2017 - 02:43 PM

Not nice!

Sorry, why was that not nice? It was direct and to the point without any insult to anyone's character. A tad sarcastic maybe but still, not insulting.


All things considered, its also the truth. If you don't think something is worth your time or money, stop using it. It's just that simple. Find something you do like and focus on that.

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Posted 06 January 2017 - 06:11 PM

A new player, a guy coming into this game can find it hard to get started, I think all of us that have been here a while do know that, if not you need to re think what it is like for them.

How many times lately have you had a new player thank you for chatting to them and saying they have tried multiple times just to meet someone and no one had even answered their pm.

There are lots of us that will try to welcome and help new players, many that have commented in this post do that.

Unfortunately though their is also many that wont.


New guys come into the game, mostly they go to the public locations like SC, they watch local chats which often is empty and they try different things to get started.

If they send a cold invite, like many do, mostly they get jumped on for doing so.

If they pm a girl, to often they get no reply, and without getting into why that is and turning this thread into yet another one of those threads, we all know why that is.

One question I will ask here is why is it like a real no no for a guy to pm another a guy just to chat, I have been told by so many that you just don't do that.

So in that respect it is easier for a new girl player to find her way in this game as we will chat with each other, plus if a girl pms another girl "avi" in there that we don't know we would normally get an answer.


3dxfreak posted this as his opening for this thread.


I have been researching this game and many more like for many months now to figure out which one would be worth spending money on.


I've tried aChat for awhile but found it not worth the money(Graphics are meh, Pose selection is great though). Also, I didn't like the community, everyone was full of themselves. 


I've tried, and actually bought a subscription for MNFClub. The concept was great, semi-good graphics (cartoon style MNF games) but not much more to it then fucking. Pose selection wasn't varied and the Devs never really released anything that wowed me.


-Also, there's a reoccurring issue with games like these having cliques that just don't welcome anyone new.



Most recently (4 days ago) I bought a months sub for 3DXCHAT, supposedly 

3DXChat is the Most Innovative 3D Sex Game of the Year

 , according to the website.


At first, I was really turned off by the subscription price for the game. $20 a month for a game that doesn't give you a trial option or single player demo? Many of the other games(including aChat and MNFClub, and ones not mentioned on this post), give the player a trial and/or single player demo.


So taking a chance on this game was the only option that I had.


Aside from the issue of non-welcoming people, this game does not offer much to the player/buyer.


Many avatars/characters look the same and there's not much room for creativity. I love a game that gives more option to customize your own person. TO be honest i'd enjoy this game more if it had more face options and body modifiers like RLC.


That rabbit hole goes deeper because this game lacks a variety of clothes. 


This game is not innovative, nor is it worth the price tag; not would I dare to call it fun.


Unless he has edited things out I don't think he deserves some of the treatment from commenters in this thread.

Where in what he has said is he wrong?

I think we all need to accept that for a male in particular starting in 3dxchat, not knowing anyone, the game can appear very unwelcoming.

Also other things he pointed out we have all discussed and mostly agree with.


So from me to 3dxfreak, I am sorry your 1st few days in here went the way it did for you.

I understand how it can be for someone trying to get started and how unwelcoming the place can appear.

If you don't come across someone that will answer your pms and then even go further and take the time to help you find your way it can be very hard to see the potential for any sort of fun in there.

You are right in a lot of what you have said but, once you do find some people that will friend you and help you to get started it can be a very good place to hang.

Mostly people do stay because of the friendships they have made, once you get there the game becomes very much what you make of it yourself.

Yes it does not offer a lot away from sex, but you can find ways to amuse yourself in between jumping some ones bones.

And yes the devs could do a lot more to make that side of things easier and I for one wish they would.

If you are looking for a place where you can hang, make friends and have fun with them, have sex in a lot of different ways where you very much determine what you get from it, then it is a good place for it.

But unfortunately as you have realised it can take some effort to get there.

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Posted 06 January 2017 - 06:45 PM

being male is not as hard as some make it out to be. The problem with some is if they dont have 40 friends in the first hour they freak out etc. as far as guys talking thats also not true. i chat with a few . guess it depends on who you are in that regard but i do know some guys wont, its like they view every other male as competition.


as far as the OP, i think it because of the fact they are pretty sure its jimmy boy or because he said this..... outside of that no clue




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Posted 06 January 2017 - 07:01 PM

A few tips for the OP in regards to enjoying 3dx a bit more.


1- Don't read/take part in World Chat. It's a cesspool of egos and dramaqueens who take things really really seriously.


2- If you ignore #1, never take world chat seriously.Most of the people who start shit there are either trolls or less than capable adult babies.


3- Google a person named Rochi along with the term 3dxchat. You may find there's more customization than you thought.


4- Don't send "cold" requests to people, generally it's not something that will win you friends. Talk to people, and not just the ones you want to see your avatar fucking. Once you make friends you will make more friends.


5- Don't join a clique`. There's some really dumb groups or "MC's" on here that have insular communities and have drama with each other. Don't be a follower, be friends with whoever YOU like, don't be told who you can and can't hang out with.


6- Go into "chill" rooms, and "game" rooms. You're much more likely to meet cool people willing to chat and actually meet you in those rooms than say "FUTA SEX SLOOTS FUCK COLD NO CHAT OK ORGY(no men)" rooms.


7- Have a good profile. Some people never read profiles, but the ones who do appreciate a person who actually seems to have spent a bit of time on theirs. It's not a huge thing, but I've found it helps to break the ice.


8- Don't be a shitlord.


9- Remember that while 3dx is marketed as a "game" , it's not so much a game as it is a graphical chat program. Lower your expectations.





If you follow those 9 tips I think you'll enjoy your time here more.

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Posted 08 January 2017 - 05:54 AM

I do agree that the game is by no means innovative (sidebar - the word innovative is thrown around too loosely these days in marketing). However, no matter how many new poses, locations, furniture or graphics updates are applied, people quickly get bored of these new features quickly. Whether you are here to make friends or explore your fantasies through role play then the community is the most important aspect (I must sound like a broken record by now) which keeps people coming back and makes the subscription price worth it for them.

When you are a new person joining the game it can be challenging to make new friends. This is mainly because of groups. Not all groups of friends / like minded people are closed though. Getting into groups is by no means exclusive to 3DX either, it is normal in all walks of life. It is just a human trait. I doubt there is nobody who stays who will not be part of a group. The group may not have a name or be officially recognised as one, but you are a group of friends who share similar interests and viewpoints.

Whether you make it past 2 weeks or a month in 3DX will depend largely on the people you meet. If your experience is bad, then you will get bored quickly and see no value in the subscription price. If you meet the right people then you will like it here and you will keep coming back for friends and the quirky little community. The game may even become addictive, by which time the subscription looks like great value to other addictions! :P

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Posted 08 January 2017 - 04:07 PM

RomanFox 's eyes twitch, putting all his strength and effort into not responding... "Aaarghh!!" He starts typing...


Alright, I have to admit I like it when topics tend to go controversial... there's always two sides on each fence and everyone should technically be respectful to anyone standing on the other side.

This is another case of 2 obvious groups of opinions... one being the understanding group, those that know it isn't all that easy to socialize within 3DX because of all the suspicions and problems that go around, and try to break the chain by interacting with the new guy/girl. The other group being exactly that; suspicious and closed off. I can't blame anyone in any of the groups because both are founded on the general impact the game can have on one's personality.


When I first started reading the OP's post, I felt somewhat compassionate about it. It isn't that easy to talk with people and some people will just plainly ignore you with or without reason (both using the in-game function or just closing your PM). It's something you get to deal with in every similar game (aChat, IMVU, MNFClub, Thrixxx, etc...). Whether we want it or not, we get affected by the things that happen inside the game and they are usually the building stones we use to put up this wall so that next time, people wouldn't get that much of an impact.


I continued reading the posts made by others and the OP's response to them... and although I understand the frustration, I still think that responding in a way that he/she (OP) did... Is not going to help his/her cause.

See, you can't research a game like this in a short amount of time. To research this game, you have to understand the people that are playing it, the community and how it is divided in groups. You have to place yourself in one of the groups and work your way to getting to know likeminded people. If you're a roleplayer, choosing to be a vampire or succubus or whatever, you can't expect EVERYONE to be on board with what you want to do in the game... you'll encounter people who aren't open for it. Just move on towards the next person... 

In time, and sometimes it does take a lot of time, you'll find someone or even a group of people that you click with... And from that point, you can actually begin to enjoy the game.

Heh, the funny part of it all... if you stick around long enough... you'll eventually become suspicious about new players as well... it's what happens. I too am suspicious about new players, I tend to talk to them and give them advise if they ask for it, but it's not the same as how I talked to people when I first started out...


If you look in the signature part of my posts, you'll find a link to a post that generally applies to everyone here. An etiquette on how to approach people and what to keep in mind, I think Epi should get a lot more credit for that post, because it does apply in 3DX. Anyway, when you feel you can follow those simple tips, try to apply them when playing 3DX and I'm sure you'll generally get more luck meeting people... they won't always be the people you're looking for, but it does give you a higher chance.


Obviously that post doesn't cover the suspiciousness of people playing 3DX. It's not only the male player that suffers from all of that. It's pretty simple to sum up:


Male players: Are generally looked at as "perverts" and the ones that most likely end up colding people. They are both the majority of the population and the rarest. With that I mean that most players are male, yet most play a female avatar... which causes most females to be less responsive to male players... for obvious reasons. There is this general idea that most men are here for a "quick fix"... which isn't always right, but the thought still remains... so people tend to be more careful.


Female players: While there is an abundance of female avatars around, that doesn't entirely mean they are all female. Any seasoned 3DX player understands that, and thus have suspicions whether or not the female avatar they are speaking to is in fact male or not. It causes a lot of female players to get ignored. Because they play a female avatar, they are still more likely to be talked to, which is the core reason why most men opt to play a female character in the first place.


Long story short, both "genders" suffer from suspiciousness in other players. Yet, in time, you'll manage to find people and gain their trust. It's up to you to make sure their trust isn't misplaced, causing the above to grow even more.


As with most of my posts, due to typing essays, I tend to lose the core reason I had to start my comment... BUT!




If you invest time and effort, hold true to the easy etiquette that can be found in Epi's post and respond in a friendly and understanding matter... You'll find that it will get easier eventually.

To scream about how the community is wrong and f*cked up is a bad idea, because most of these people have had their fair share of issues and problems that caused them to be who they are today (inside 3DX)... To say it's wrong is to show a lack of respect to what they had to go through.


A general tip I tend to give people: Approach someone with the intend to get to know them... not with the intend to "do" them.


With that, I wish you the best of luck in future undertakings, whether it is within 3DX or some other game. And please... try to respond in a more friendly manner and you might find yourself some people that are more open to help you.

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Posted 12 January 2017 - 03:37 PM

The OP said: "I have been researching this game and many more like for many months now to figure out which one would be worth spending money on." then 3 lines later he said he tried the game for 4 days before posting his verdict. His verdict being "This game is not innovative, nor is it worth the price tag; not would I dare to call it fun."


Do I have a problem with someone not liking this game? Not at all. I have friends who I still talk to who don't play because they don't feel it offers them what they were looking for. 


But the way the OP responded to the comments was going directly to verbal abuse where people's response had been very tempered (for the most part heh).


You don't post the things he did here without expecting a response. The thing that seems no one else seems to wonder about is...Why post here in the first place? Why post on a forum in a game you have no plan on playing, He himself said he only met non-welcoming people. Yes I might have been damaged by my profession but I can't find a motive that makes sense. Yet in later posts he comments on which type of people play 3DXCHAT. Claiming to have a deep understanding of the 3DX community. 


Initially I did not attack him, and my later direct comment to him can be seen as an attack, yes I totally agree. Why did I do it? Because I have little to no trust in the fact that the OP is a true new player to the game.


And as far as a troll to this Forum goes, we have a very high standard of trolls here and the OP is just not good enough for that label...

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