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Roleplay Codex and Registry

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Posted 10 November 2016 - 02:09 AM

.:: Introduction ::.


Hello fellow roleplayers. The Quiet Temple staff and I have been quite busy working on our future website, thinking of ideas to improve the RP side of the community and many others things (mainly others things actually). 

We originally planned to use those ideas and tools with the release of our website but it is taking a lot of time and i see RPers struggling to find partners all around so, there it is.


The Codex will be presented as set of rules to follow in order to RP with others people. Please note and remember that this is merely a suggestion and open to discussion. It is simply a small guide on what is and how to RP on 3dxchat. Strict In-Character RP just like we do at the Quiet Temple (or at least aim to.)


The Registry will be a list of character's names (game names, not actual RP names) of people wishing to follow this set of rules, wishing to appear on the list and open to regular RP interactions with other players of the community following our conception of the RP.





.:: Codex ::.


Quick and as less boring as possible strict roleplay guide


What is this and why would i do that ? (Skip if you are only interested in the 'how to rolepay in a strict way')


Roleplay is giving a life to your characteur. Some people like it.


Roleplay is mostly seen as a way to create an universe and pretend having roles or build specific situations in general. Mostly to create the conditions of a fantasy we wish to make true to improve our experience in games.


Strict roleplay is this exact same thing, but pushed to the extreme. Here, you are not pretending to be a nurse just for the night, or a cop arresting your wife. Here, you create a whole character from head to toe, with his/her (i'll stick with 'his' in the future but it obviously can be anyone or anything) own personality, job, situation, family and environment. And stick to it unless it has reasons to evolve. This is long term stuff.


Strict roleplay is for people that enjoy creating a character completely seperated from them and use it to interact with other fictional character in order to create a story and to be one of the actors.

Now... your character can be inspired from you. It can be you, when you decide what or how you are going to play, but as soon as you start roleplaying, it's not you anymore. You are not standing at the Sin club, you are behind the computer. You are not taking a drink, you are typing on your keyboard that your character grabs one. You the player, and your character are completely different entities and the spirit of strict RP is to be as immersive as possible when you play your character.


You can argue with a character but as a player, completely agreeing. Just because you made your character a specific way for example. You character is like an independant living thing that thinks and decides on it's own based on it's "experience of life".




- How do i do that ?


Think as if you were him/her.


It's simple and hard at the same time.

You must think of yourself being your character, but only knowing, seeing, and acting as your character would do without the informations you (the player) have. And according to it's personality and way of life.


For example, someone pokes at your character's back. You (the player) know that it is Billy, your best friend messing with you. You see that on the screen ! But your character doesn't know that, so he might quickly turn around, surprised and unsure. That's what you want to write, because it is your character's reaction ; and your character sees what is in front of him, not your computer's screen.




- How do i play my character ?


Practical field.


It is fairly easy. First, you must separate the thoughts, the saying and the actions.

For the actions, you can use the classic /me. For the saying, you can simply write as usual. For the thoughts, you have different possibilites. You can use the actions system to indicate that your characters is thinking about something. Or use the * symbol to precise that it's not something your character says.


Examples :


"/me seems unsure." will give : "Elenn seems unsure."

"I'm not sure. *ponders, not comfortable about it.* Maybe... i'll think about it..." shows the part where my character is not talking but thinking. It also can be used as an action. It really depends on what your style of writting is. As long as your RP friends can understand you, it's all good !

If you need to talk as a player but doesn't have any dedicated channel for it with the people you play with, i personally suggest using the ( and ). Like this : "(Can i add you as a friend for future RP meetings ? This one was great !)"




- How do i create my character ?


Be who you want to be !


As stated above, it can be inspired from you, or your complete opposite ! You will have to think about it's physical appearance, but also what roleplayers call the 'background'. Which is pretty much the history of your character and it is supposed to explain why he might act in a certain way instead of an other. For example, someone that had it's brother killed because of a war can be a strong believer in pacifism ; or end up as someone with a particular hate for a specific country. Or both !





If you have any questions or comment, i'll answer ! Post it below and i'll complete this guide if needs be.



.:: Registry ::.


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To appear on the Registry, please read the Codex at least once and send me a PM with "/RP" in the title. The message must contain a small (or not) RP description of a character you want to play (even just a couple of sentences). Just so i can quickly make sure i'm not putting the name of someone who didn't find my explanations here clear enough and isn't really on the same line of thought as everyone else.

I will not judge your character or criticize anything about it. Even if it makes no sense, i won't deny you access to the Registry. For my only concern is to bring RPers together and let them decide who they want to hang out with.

I'm just checking if a person can write and understands what this is all about.

The backgrounds/stories will not be published.

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Posted 10 November 2016 - 11:44 AM

Mhmmm will you post the Backgrounds publicly or publish them on the Website like we already have it?


Also I'd put the "How to appear on the Registry at the end of your post" as people read through the stuff and then take action of what's written last.


*sends you some snuggles too*

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Posted 10 November 2016 - 05:33 PM

Mhmmm will you post the Backgrounds publicly or publish them on the Website like we already have it?


Also I'd put the "How to appear on the Registry at the end of your post" as people read through the stuff and then take action of what's written last.


*sends you some snuggles too*


No, i won't publish them at all. 

Only the Quiet Temple members will eventually have something about them on the website when it is out, but right now, it's just about checking if people got the idea. No critics, no publishing. It won't go anywhere else than my PM box.


And i'll move the important stuff at the end as you suggested !

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