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#41 Natty



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Posted 14 June 2014 - 06:55 PM

1. What I would like? Oh, so much ;) ...

- more poses for F/F (with a coloured strap-on, not a fake cock)

- Lady Boys, she-males, trannies.. with a visible cock (always). Same poses as the M/F

- Sizeable cocks (small, large, XL... ) but not too large (for not screwing the poses)

- More hairstyles, clothes... (too many twins now)

- Sex on the chair (not the stool)

- More poses for M/M too.

- Status message & auto-respond (afk, I'm on the beach, getting laid now...) viewable by clicking friend in the list

- Solution for the ' bug in the profiles (you have to put a \ now before the ')

- Possibilities to "save/load" an avatar

- The rooms are very crowdy sometimes (esp. night club), difficult to read names sometimes

- more interaction with the bots (to try things out) like "swap"

- more face expressions (people look so bored sometimes, esp. sitting on a chair, look like zombies), also in the "action poses"

- improvement of the "sit"-poses (horny women without panties like to show it...)

- just looked at the "Gifts".... oops, no sex-toys?

- (use your imagination)

2.What I would say?

- Don't try a 1 month subscription... take a whole year because you're gonna love it!

- The best sex-chat game on this planet. You really see those people are working on it to improve.

- Watch out to not get addicted!

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#42 bobi


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Posted 14 June 2014 - 08:18 PM

1) i like the community, the graphics its very good, people are fun and so crazy, the Game is never Boring, so many french i love ^^.


2)If you love RP come on its the best.

#43 AbbeySweet



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Posted 14 June 2014 - 08:20 PM

This isn't just a game about sex. This is a new experience with awesome community.

I love 3DXChat!

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#44 Zalena



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Posted 14 June 2014 - 10:12 PM

1) What 3DXChat features do you like? 


Where to begin? I love so many! Dancing, varied partner interactions, easy to use interface, customization and able to change at any time hairstyles and clothing! The graphics and animations are superb.


2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?


I'd recommend this game to anyone looking for this type of game. Great for roleplaying and meeting new people just to chat. This game has one of the friendliest and welcoming communities of any game I've ever played. 

#45 Guest_Eddster_*

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Posted 14 June 2014 - 10:59 PM

3DXchat was something I randomly came across one day wishing to further my perversions in the roleplaying world. To give a little background I come from full fledged MMO's. My Steam library is over 200+ games so I have a good understanding of engines, what's possible with them and how they are utilized. This is just my opinions as a gamer and roleplayer. The one things missing from MMO's and multiplayer games is the social aspect. That's what you are getting here. You won't be disappointed in that re guard. This review will target the genre in the most unbiased way possible while looking at other games with MMO design.


Social interactions and Gameplay surrounding them: 9/10


Click to move, intuitive design makes doing animations and socializing very smooth and easy. WASD movement isn't really needed here in my opinion but some find that a bit distracting. I'd love to see the chat box display much more text for us roleplayers, text vanishing after a bit and the ability to re size it all functions that could push the "Chat" in "3DXChat" to better other MMO's. Customization on avatars is a little bare bones but you can definitely find the look you want here. Being able to have your own house, customize it, watch porn on TV, and now listen to your own music (radio) all while making your small abode the way you like is fantastic. Great building blocks to much more things to come!


Community and Developer response and interactions: 5/10


The community here is okay. After playing several months now with the game I have a better understanding of it. Cliques form just as in any other game. The language barrier in many cases is strong. Literacy in the English language is probably 50/50 which leads to many misunderstandings. I'd rate it average at best, of course you will find your nice folk here and there.


Developer interaction is hit or miss. At times they are quick to respond to user feedback. Others they are MIA. For this genre, it's better than most of them so I ranked it as average all things considered.


(Updated 6/19/15)


Updates and Game Pricing:5/10


The initial purchase to test the game out is pretty high and a little discouraging for those unsure to drop such money on a 20 dollar monthly fee. (Year being the much better deal for both parties if you really enjoy it) Like I said though, 20 dollars just to demo it is a little high. There has only been about a week I was concerned the Dev team was in Hawaii drinking down margaritas. (We all need breaks though!) So i'm cool with that. Updates have been awesome and steady. A weakness I can see with the team is the implementation of mocap and animations that follow. (I'll get into more of that next.) All, in all I love the game the year is definitely where it's at. (Please remember porn is pricey to begin with when making the decision. 20 dollars does seem high but DVD's of porn are even higher with less interaction and "love" put in. *winks*)


I prefer a monthly fee where I get all the content. Most games in this genre really nickel and dime a person. To the point it's just absurd (Much like a free to play game)


Animations, Graphics, Engine and anything in between: 9/10


The strongest department this game. The core engine and code used is very solid, stable, the guys/gals writing it more than likely has shipped a triple A game. If they haven't well this is a wonderful application! Like all MMO's sometimes code breaks code. They are quick to jump in and communicate with us what they need and how to solve issues. I am very impressed with the actions taken to express concern with breaking clients after a major feature update.


Environments are gorgeous and can be expanded, they lack size but with a small steady growing community. Socializing being the focus. You don't want to spread it too thin across huge zones or too many. (currently 7 zones with the 2 homes you can customize)


Some animations need a bit of touching up. Facial expressions on some are lacking warmth in a givin' animation (Couple sex animations woman looks like a robot) Again, very minor. Some dances don't go through the "loop" smoothly. Transition needs a bit of work between. Male fist pump is all sorts of funny. (Closed fist people.)


Mini games such as spin the bottle and volleyball are lackluster and could really use some more love (Spam spacebar to never miss the ball. Pro tip! :P). Volleyball especially seems like it lacks the professional code present in other areas. A tacked on fun feature someone tried to do over night. I see minigames like that really delivering on a fun factor if they can be presented in a better way. I hope they don't give up on such a thing seeing as this could be something bigger than just a chat game for adults. But a world for them to live in!


Final Game Score: 7/10



To wrap things up!


3DX chat is the best in the business and if it's short in any department the core building blocks are all here for a triple A social/sex game. It's really impressive what they are building up here. With focus and dedication to the product nothing will rival it for years to come. Thank you for reading. I may have left out some other feelings and placed some in categories that don't make sense but at this point. Just know i'm impressed and you should give this game a shot!


I reserve the right to update this review as it is an MMO and changes over time. As will this.

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#46 kileela


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 04:30 AM

1. What 3DXChat features do you like?

I really like chat (meet very interesting people) and home editor


2. What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?

It's a good way to spend money :-)

#47 Leeloo


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 04:31 AM

What feature i like in 3DX chat :


The music in homes , the avatar very well made , décorating our homes .... well in fact it will be shorter to ask what i dont like ( the pénis added on women avatar on some poses , and the kiss cheek/hug option that we cant refuse )


To future new players :


This is the best game of this kind on the market , even if for now it must still grow .

#48 babylove



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Posted 15 June 2014 - 06:21 AM


1) I love this game, great graphism, so much fun, we can make many friends...

I like volley ball, swimming, dancing, but i hope there will be many many others activities and stuffs !

try to put a cop uniform for men, and nurse for girls ^^


2) in order to play a multiplayer game, there are many different ways to play this game :

some play for sexual interaction ---- their choices

some play for human social behaviour, make new real friend, have a "virtual life", very good and attractive --- my choice ^^

#49 Florine


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 02:30 PM

What feature I like in 3DX chat :


  • First the graphics are pretty awesome and don't need a great and powerful computer... I succeeded to make it work properly with my cheap PC  ^_^ 
  • Plus all the sex animations looks great and the avatars seems pretty real.
  • The wardrobe is well-stoked (for girls), but can still be improve...
  • The upgrades are frequent! At least one per week
  • All the possiblities of the game (dancing, chatting, flirting, having sex...)
  • The community here is great! All users are kind, cool and pretty crazy too  :P 
  • The events are frequents and very funny!
  • Our DJs (Achilles, Eugene & Pierr) are awesome  :o
  • And the forum is cool too  :lol: 


And to future new players :


I really recommend this game! More than a basic sex game, it's a great social game with a great community! I know nothing about the others sex games, but this one totally convinced me! :wub:  

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#50 Mavea



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Posted 15 June 2014 - 06:59 PM


Really nice game with good graphics and animations.

Great community involved in the game life, and growing everyday.

Devs listenning the community for the updates.


2. for new players

Hope you'll try it soon and welcome in advance.


#51 protoxero



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Posted 16 June 2014 - 12:08 AM

1. love meeting and talking with ppl, graphics are good quality, love the parties and just about everything that ive done.


2. for new players try it once you get hooked fast, just remember to treat ppl how you want to be treated and you will be very happy here, on 3dxchat!!   

#52 ArachneMW


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Posted 16 June 2014 - 06:21 AM

Ok, let's give this a try! :)


What I like about 3DXchat:


It's honestly the best virtual world in its niche right now. I have tried out almost all of the competitors, and while I still feel nostalgic about one of them, I realize 3DXchat is the only one who combines everything I need. This is: 

- a lively community of interesting, open-minded people

- enough erotic animations to support decent role-play

- enough non-erotic animations and locations to create a full-fledged virtual world to encompass the erotic component

- parties and events to keep people entertained

- beautiful locations and avatars

- enough customization for avatars, clothes and home decoration.


And the thing I like most is how open and receptive the developers are, and how involved in the community. The player ideas and suggestions are being gradually implemented, and it's becoming better and better.


What I would say to people thinking about joining: 


Do give it a chance! If you want state-of-the art graphics, you'll find them. If you are after wild, hot sex, you'll have plenty. If you want to make friends and interact with interesting people, you will eventually. Just give it time, be a little patient, and enjoy the thrill of being part of a living, growing enterprise! 

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#53 Astral



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Posted 16 June 2014 - 07:23 PM

Hi everyone


1/ What 3dxchat feature do you like?

-Nice party in the night club, love island and sin club with some great Dj.

-Music in the room.

-The community is very pleasant and friendly.

-Excellent patch with add-on very régularly.


2/ What would you say to people who have not played 3dchat yet?

It is much than a simple sex game. try it!

#54 Eroaulon


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Posted 16 June 2014 - 11:20 PM

Love the music in the rooms now, huge upgrade. Now do something with the music in Sin Club, maybe find a way for dancers to upload 3-5 songs for a dance set on stage?

#55 Ornella



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Posted 18 June 2014 - 01:12 AM

The game is very beautiful despite my old computer


Subscription is not expensive for this type of game


Content begins to be well filled, I tried other games of this type, this one is by far the most beautiful


I recommend it to those who do not know

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#56 RoZe



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Posted 18 June 2014 - 07:03 PM

Обзор для русскоязычной части пользователей просторов интернета)


1)Какие особенности 3DXChat мне нравятся.

Во первых очень приятная графика, плавная и реалистичная анимация. Красивые ландшафты на открытых локациях. 

Достаточно большой набор способов выражения эмоций) Меньше чем в некоторых подобных проектах, но вполне достаточный. Если учесть что данный проект еще в процессе развития - то конечно их будет больше.

Порадовало собственное гнездышко в двух вариантах.

А главное - собственно чат) Мировой, локальный, возможность создания группового.



2) Что бы вы сказали людям, которые еще не играли?


Этот чат именно чат, а не симулятор секса.Тут можно найти друзей и единомышленников, а не только любовников) Не забывайте - секс это только один из способов общения! Очень важный и приятный способ, но он не единственный. 

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#57 Salvatore



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Posted 19 June 2014 - 12:14 PM

i love 3dxchat because of  the community, and the girls are so hot.


It is much than a virtual porn game, its a nice comunity with nice people...u should try it !

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#58 Kito


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Posted 19 June 2014 - 08:27 PM

The graphics are really great, being able to move freely around, the models and animations, the sex poses, the frequent updates, parties <3 and above all this great community !


We are waiting for you ! You don't know how much fun you'll have in this game !

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#59 Riela



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Posted 19 June 2014 - 11:30 PM

Answer these questions:

1) What 3DXChat features do you like?

2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?



1) What 3DXChat features do you like?

  • Community - which I also think its best feature here. Most people here are awesome! I wish I had more time to spent with them! This includes community events as well.
  • Graphics - best art style and best visuals compared to all other games of this genre, unless they are heavily modded.
  • Fair subscription model - 6 and 12 months are incredibly cheap.
  • Regular updates -  with clothes and features but bit less on poses.
  • Private Home customization - they exploded with new features and objects. Now I am hoping same will happen in open world as well.
  • Community involvement in development of new clothes (such as glasses or heels recently)

2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?


Come here with open mind. Socialize. Don't take people much seriously unless you know them and you will have tons of fun and enjoyment.

If you decide to stay, then longer subscription models are cheaper per month than one fast food dinner. So it is worth a try!

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#60 Rochi



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Posted 20 June 2014 - 01:42 AM

1. What 3DXChat features do you like?
  • This game is amazing, there are many things we can do here, not just sex. This game is full package from amazing sex poses to great variety in clothes up to social aspect and meeting new people everyday. I've been here for 3 months and can't turn away from it!
  • Game customization, its amazing from character customization up to random funny glitches. Thanks to this game I improved my drawing skills and learned lots about how game works!
  • Love the customable apartments and the shared music and videos we now have.
  • Its more addictive than coffee! and I drink 4 cups a day!
  • Our developers are super amazing! They're open minded and listen to the community.
  • We've been getting updates quite regularly recently!
  • Also, the forums are VERY lively, i love it there as well as in the game <3
2. What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?
I personally love the community, people here are awesome! The game is full of fun! If you meet right people you can have fun for days, if not months. I think that's good considering its same cost as one movie ticket with cola!

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