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Sioneer Game House

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Posted 10 October 2015 - 07:49 PM

I am the owner of the Sioneer, game house, the idea of this place is its sexual themed games... no kind of sex is truly allowed on campus for that might provoke colds, but instead we encourage games that can get the Desires rolling. There is Drink, good Rock music, but the theme of music changes depending on the activity being played in the Pub. The games are labeled as such.


Sexual Truth or Dare:

As the name suggests this is an event that is very common to many places and other chat sites, it only occurs when the populous is too quiet and needs a little enlightenment. most may know the rules, but here they are any way.

1> The ring leader, if present always starts first, whether he or she is present or not (under the circumstance he or she is not present, then the game may flow at which ever start)
2> The person who's turn will ask a random person of their choice "Truth or Dare" and which ever they choose they will ask them to do a scene, be it a dare or telling a truth, in short this is called a "Charge",
3> If the person fails to do his or her Charge they must discard a piece of garment from their body, this only applies if that person is playing in the first place. if the person is naturally nude, than that person gets four strikes, Pants, shirt, socks and underwear.
4> Once the person has done their charge, or taken a clothing off he or she may take their turn to ask another "truth or dare" if they are dared to do something that can be expectantly long then the person may ask another while following through with the charge, to keep the game going.
5> the winner is decided after everyone is either a panting heat ball or when every one gives up, with the person with the most clothes or strikes remaining.



This Event is mainly to sell worth while men and women to other men and women looking to have a slave, or pet for a whole 24 hours, This is a good way to introduce new people to the in and to others. It shows the Rp skill a person has for just standing on a stage while they strut their stuff to impress others. or entice whichever,

1> all participants start with 300K in funds.
2> Each item can only be at a max bid of 200K who ever bids 200K on an item will result in an instant buy.
3> buyers are only able to bid a maximum of 15K a bid, and can not double bid,
4> Buyers can have as many items as they wish, they can even "gift" Items to another. though they can not gift funds.
5> the only way a Person can receive their funds back is if their item leaves showing no real interest in belonging to their buyer.
6> If you wish to become a buyer you must respect your items limits and wishes.
7> If you wish to become an Item, you must understand as long as the buyer follows your kinks and such you must do as they ask, breaking this rule will null the 24 hour contract and possibly ban you from future Auctions.
8> Items can permanently sell them selves for permanent and long term, and can most likely cost more then 200K depending on how they advertise themselves (profile)


Dance Idol:

Two people, male or female will dance how they see fit, it is to act erotic and attract the most attention in the entire room. the one who has the most views at the end of the challenge after a fixed amount of posts wins, you may use what ever theme you like, from pole dancing to stage. but if you have a chance at winning you must be able to have good Role playing skills and able to write in detail on what your character is doing and his or her actions. it is the best way to win after all.


Finally The place is still in opening, but the lay out is set. I am currently Hiring for people to Join as actual Employees... the Employees will have a fixed uniform depending on their Job, the jobs are below~

Ring Leader: simple Job that can be handled by anyone brave enough. You host and play the games with others.
Bartender: tends to the bar

Waitress: rings in people who are acting alone, they also (in a RP sense) take orders to other people.

Dancer: Must I explain this one? they just use either their avatars, or RP chat to catch the eyes of many.


This place is for those who truly wish to be some one they are not, with out discrimination, any one who does Discriminate will be black listed from the room until The owner, or the one who was Discriminated forgives the assaulter. if you wish to be some thing of myth and legend go ahead, if you wish to be a dog, better come with a leash, if you wish to be a cat... please do not scratch the furniture... otherwise I encourage true Rpers to enjoy themselves...


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#2 Elenn


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Posted 10 October 2015 - 07:51 PM

That's interesting !

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Posted 10 October 2015 - 11:53 PM

I got a sneak peak of the gaming house and its coming along quite nicely.  The awe and humbling, while a bit titillating, was meeting Jaccal and his brother Riyku.  Their roleplaying skills put this ol' mmorpg gamers in the dust.  So I am intrigued to learn more and meet others in our community that this will attract.

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Posted 11 October 2015 - 12:06 PM

Don't forget that i'm one of the bartenders :D

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